Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wow! Surprise Week!

This week started out just absolutely boring and normal. Thursday came around and I was thinking I really dont have anything to write mom and dad this week. What could we do. Friday started out just as normal as any other day. Went to eat at the house of a member and at about 2:30 my companion said "I think I’m going to call the secretaries, to find out if my converts have a date to be sealed." Then he said no and I told him just do it. Well he called and they called back with the information. They had a date to be sealed in the temple, which means My companion and I get to go to the Temple. Well it turns out they were going to be sealed the following day... Saturday. Okay... and the bus leaves at 4:30 for Monterrey. We biked the thirty minutes back home, threw some stuff together and left for them temple. Arived in the offices in the Mission offices in Monterrey at about ten o clock and went straight to bed. Woke up Saturday, straight to the Temple, and it was packed so we waited for our session at 1 o clock. Just happens to turn out that this Saturday our ward went to the temple too... Unexpected and nice to see the bishop and members :). Well it was absolutely fantastic. Never expected to be able to go to the temple this soon, but what a great opportunity. Took the 6:30 bus to Matamoros and on the bus I thought, when was the last time we ate? So we bought some empenadas on the bus and arrived back home a little past bedtime 11 thirty ish. Anyway what an opportunity.
The people here mom have four names, they keep their maiden names. For instance my name would be Robert Shaun Rhodes Gordon. So My companion is Baurak Ale Lopez Bañuelos Lopez is from his dad. The older generations say it differently like my name would be Robert Shaun Rhodes of Gordon. Interesting, makes it just a titch harder to memorize names :). Luckily they are all the same, Juan Jose Marie Jesus Guadalupe Conception. My favorite name that ive heard is Hermosa concepcion (Beautiful conception?) haha. Thanks for sending a package.
This week we had another opportunity to have a baptism. His name is Andres and has been an investigator since september. His girlfriend is a member and it was a really special occasion to see him be baptised. Hopefully in one year I will have the opportunity to his sealing. Anyway not too much crazy to say except that I know that the temple is true and I wished I would have gone more before my mission, and I’ve promised myself I will go more often after. Keep it real

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