Monday, June 27, 2011


Chin! (cool!) One quarter of my mission has passed me by! I can tell you one thing, either its scolding hot here or I’m getting used to the weather... It’s super interesting, it felt nice and cool one night just before going to bed, don’t get me wrong, it was burning hot... compared to the day it was fantastic... decided to check the temperature... 91 F. Yikes 91 and it felt fresh? It gets chilly in the night time, and when I look at the temperature... 87 F. ha-ha goodness its hot here. One experience I had this week that was funny, contacting and contacting, riding bikes and finally we were allowed into someone’s home. It was really cold... air conditioning (not normal) and leather seats. Well as we have all seen in old movies the grandma that heats the stones to put at the feet of the queen or whatever. After entering the house and cooling down. I pulled out my scriptures and they felt crazy hot, and didn’t loose their heat for a long time.
Another hot experience this week, as being my quarter of my mission mark, it was time for a tie burning. well there was a lot of wind so we had to do it inside, but it was still a good experience. Nice to enjoy a small moment burning a tie. It’s crazy that a fourth of my mission has passed by... really quick and interesting to look back on the things I have done. I’ll be home before I know it. I had my first major sewing job this week after a sneaky little... well big dog, while we were contacting stuck his head through the fence and bit my leg. Ha-ha, after the mom came out and we asked if her dog bites and she said "no he’s really friendly" ha-ha.... :) Thou shalt not lie? no just kiddin. Well exchanges this week, and I’m going to be here in Barrio Buena Vista II another month and a half with Elder Lopez. I’m learning a lot from him and I hope I can be a great representative of the lord. This week we had the opportunity to confirm Andres, the convert from last week, with the Holy Ghost. Times like these are when You feel great as a missionary. I was reading in the scriptures this week and found one I really liked. Its Alma 30:9

De modo que si un hombre deseaba servir a Dios, tenia el privlegio; o mas bien, si creia en Dios, tenia el privlegio de servirlo...

not exactly sure what it means in english, but here’s a rough translation

Now if a man desired to serve God, he had the privilege to do so; or rather, if he believed in God he had the privilege to serve him...

What a privilege it is to be a missionary in these times. Love you so much and continue to pray for me. Elder Shaun Rhodes

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