Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finally in the Mission Field

Hello everyone. This week has been pretty crazy. The flights were good, it was great to talk to everyone. Sometimes I forget that people are still at home living normal lives. Anyways, it was great talking to you. Then from the airport in Oaxaca we rode a couple of vans to Burger King which is right across from the temple. Then we went to the mission home. Then slept there it was scorching hot (and is every single night). Then the next day we pretty much did nothing they talked to us about lots of stuff in spanish that I didn´t understand that´s about it. Then we went to a restaurant buffet style place its supposedly like the best place to eat. It was alright till I threw up. Haha but I haven´t gotten sick since so that´s good. Then that night I rode a bus with 2 other Elders to Ixtapec. It was like a 6 hour bus ride but I took a dramamine before cause everyone warned me that I would get sick cause the roads are so windy. It was good though then we arrived here in Ixtapec at about 1 AM. Then the zone leaders picked me up, then I slept at their house that night. Then the next morning after taking my first bucket shower ever we went to zone conference and I met up with my Comp. Elder Lopez. He is from Monterrey Mexico. He is a really hard worker and a good teacher and he speaks english too which is great for when I cançt say it in spanish I can just ask him.

So I am in Ixtapec. It is a relatively new area to the mission and the last missionaries that were here didn't leave any leads so we had to start from scratch. We have been going around to members´ houses and meeting them and getting references. We got 14 references this week which is really good. The members all seem really cool except the thing about being here and not being able to understand is that everyone sounds the same and says the same things haha. But they seem nice and try to help me with my spanish. The food is good its almost always a piece of meat that is really thin and dry and cold with refried beans and either rice or this macaroni pasta stuff. It´s Not too bad, not good, but not bad. We actually have had a few really good meals, I guarantee mom and dad you would be jealous of some of the tacos we have had. Along with every single meal there is always a fresh huge stack of corn tortillas and I know how dad loves those. And there are always avocados and no joke the worlds best mangos. I wish I could somehow send you some for Spoon Me then business would skyrocket. The area is real hot. I have no idea what it is degree-wise but I would guess around 90 but with humidity too, and we are walking all day long. There is never a time when I am not sweating. But I am getting used to it. The people all live in shacks. Well, we in the US of A would call them shacks. Almost every house has dirt floors and just torn up walls and every house is crazy messy. I will send pictures of our apartment just as an example... sometime. And ours is really clean compared to others. Ours is filthy. We had a few lessons this week but like I said, we were talking to members most of the time. We were talking to one member who just had a son-in-law pass away it was really sad she started crying while we were talking to her. I couldn´t understand at the time what she was talking about but afterwards my comp told me. My most commonly used question by far is Qué Pasó(what happened). We will sit in a lesson for like 1 hour and I will act like I know what´s going on and smile and whatnot, then right when we leave the house i say Qué Pasó? Haha I bet it´s frustrating for my companion but he is being patient and good thing he is a great teacher. He told me that during one of our lessons the lady told me that I had eyes like Jesus haha so that´s the best spanish compliment I´ve had in my life.

Yesterday we were at one of the churchs (we are in 2 wards) and I was kinda sleeping a tiny bit for just like 1 minute and I looked up and 4 people were staring at me and I looked to the side and there is a guy who knows some english (he is a really funny guy) and he wrote on a piece of paper ¨Do Not Sleep. ¡Please!.¨ Haha it was pretty embarassing but come on give a guy a break. But now I can´t sleep at church even for 2 minutes.

I am happy to be hear, I know it is for the right reason. I look forward to the time when I am better with the language.


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