Sunday, March 6, 2011

La Mission

Really keeping up with the same things, falling asleep to rap, and waking up to the screeching of a bus and the noise or cars! I don't know if a single car here has a muffler, Its like putting my ear up to a blow horn at all times! But hey what an experience! So This week went a lot a bit better than the last, i am noticing just a little bit of improvement with my Spanish, i wish my companion would correct me more, but it will come eventually! I'm studying hard and walking long. I haven't bought my bicycle yet, but that's probably a good thing, cause they feed us sooo much here and i need the exercise! Yesterday i ate at a members house, she served one of her favorite items... Its fried fat, like skin and fat fried to a crisp, like it kinda hurts your teeth to eat it, and we put it in a tortilla with avocado, crema... also very fattening, and salsa. I think the salsa is there so you cant taste anything, your mouth is just on fire, but that's the way they like it! And it had its consequences after.... if ya know what i mean! :) And they give you like four of these tacos, with a mountain of rice, once you finish, if they don't automatically give you seconds, when they ask you have to say yes. If you say no they say you don't like it, or your a tiny eater and although they don't get mad, its just not the culture to eat one serving. (which is really like 5) They almost always feed us dessert which is awesome. I figure that if i don't eat breakfast, or dinner i will be okay, even though i have gained weight, maybe four or five pounds. So yeah what a culture, i like the people, i like the food, and the experience is not bad. We have running water, but its freezing, I'm sick of filling up the bucket every morning and heating it up, so I'm just taking ice showers now. The water runs for like two minutes really fast and then stops for like three minutes, kinda weird but not bad. The bed bugs are okay, i washed my sheets today and I'm going to spray some raid on the mattress, maybe it will work! but not too bad. We cook for ourselves breakfast and dinner, if we want, eggs, cereal, which is never crisp cause of the humidity, kinda like eating a mush. I am sending a letter here soon, there are few members that go to the US to study every day and I'm going to drop it off with them. Anyway what an experience, I'm doing a lot better this week, its definitely still a struggle a lot because i miss you all soo much. We have some fechas bautismal the thirteenth of march i think they will follow through! Anyway take care i love you all!

Elder Rhodes

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