Monday, March 7, 2011

Fish Brainz and the villa policía . . .

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello to all!

So cool news this week was that I am staying in Bella Vista A another change. It was a great relief because I really like my area, its a place I could see myself living in...don't worry after my 2 years I will be coming back to the United States, the point is that i really like it here. Like I mentioned the week before Pres. Arnold of the Seventy came to our mission and basically we cant do anything anymore. Some of the bigger rules were: no more zone activities (therefore no more big soccer games with other missionaries), guitars (which surprisingly I am happy about, because having a guitar in our house was distracting, because I would always want to play it), no soccer with members (basically no soccer at all ever), no leaving our area no exceptions. thats the hardest rule because our cyber is awful, and we only have one place for food which is tiny and only has bare essentials. We´ll see what happens there. Overall the mission is going to be different, but for the better, and I am excited to see the success that will follow because of our obedience!
I had a fun experience on a collectivo this week. My comp knows a lot of Guaraní and has taught me a bunch of useful phrases so that I can "fake" it. I had a solid fake conversation with this awesome bus driver, all in Guaraní. he was convinced that I knew Guaraní and ended up giving me back some of the money for getting on, just because I was talking Guaraní with him. I felt really cool haha.
I also had an awful experience on a collectivo this week. Many of the members had been warning me that the police were doing random checks on buses to make sure that people were carrying their ID. I had been meaning to start carrying it, but I kept putting it off. Yesterday we visited the bishop and he also told us to carry it. So I made a note saying right when I get home I am putting my info in my bag. Knowing my luck the bus taking us home, directly after that visit, the police stops our bus and checks everyone for ID...Olson and I were in the middle of the bus, and the cops came in from both sides. One of them asked for Olson's and he had his. Then after, the other cop asked for mine... not knowing what to and trying to avoid getting thrown into prison, I told him that the other cop had my papers. It was pretty dang scary, but the guy kept going and eventually the bus pulled away and all was well. Definitely dodged a bullet there. And just so you know, I am now carrying all my information necessary.
So I ate fish brains this week. Without a doubt, the nastiest thing here so far. The fish here is supposedly not too good to eat, because the rivers are super polluted, let alone the brains of the fish, but it was a fun adventure and made a cool story. It is now sitting comfortably at the number one spot of worst foods eaten yet.
However, I am really loving Paraguay, it is such a unique country and culture. At times, I can honestly say that I like Paraguay more than the US. The language is coming along really well, I can practically hold my weight now and convince people i know whats going on. How glorious the day will be when I can just chat and understand, but until then, I live and learn.
Thanks for the emails, I love hearing from you all. Pray for me and the people here. Until next week, best of luck to all!
Con amor,
Elder Babcock

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