Monday, March 28, 2011

So ready to go to Finland

This week was super sweet. first i will tell you this funny lil story:
There's this super cool sister here named sisar rawle. She reminds me of all my sisters mashed into one. We have had some really great/helpful conversations about gospel and life and she has really helped me understand alot of things. She is openminded about all, but also has a solid testimony about it all. It helps me a lot.
But we had this lil game going of sneaking this glue stick into eachothers desk and other places... haha. So she somehow managed to sneak it in my pillow one night ( i think she gave it to one of the other elders) and i was like: there is no way to one up that. But then an elder gave me the idea of sending it to her house and having her sisters send it in her next package... haha it worked perfectly cuz she opened it today and was way confused and had no idea how i did it. haha pretty funny.
Another great thing this week was my interview with my teacher sisar beckwith... She is really something else.. its ridiculous. I write one liners in my journal most nights, but after that interview i wrote 5 pages! haha. I was just feeling soo good about life. She wanted to simulate being in finland at the end of a tiring day so we went outside in the dark, and it was raining super hard and she had us contact each other. It was the craziest thing... It didnt seem fake. I literally felt like i was in Finland, talking to a Finn about Jesus and Love. I had this overwhelming feeling of just pure love. It was incredible. I came out of it feeling so ready to go to Finland and teach people.
So overall this week has been really good. I still have times where i question why im here and what the heck im even doing, but since being here, my desire to teach, help, and just love the finnish people has multiplied.

Vanhin Merkley

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