Sunday, March 13, 2011


So there's nothing like the feeling of love, and there is no feeling of love than someone wanting to be with you! Luckily for us that was on Tuesday morning... A small amigo decided to join us in the night. We named him Picosito "Lil Spicy"... and he lived in our couch for three days until yesterday we moved him into the trash! It was surprisingly easy to sleep with a mouse in our room, but he didn't understand how to use the bathroom, and he found his way into my clothes drawer... had to let the little guy go. So Mexico is just getting better, honestly i haven't seen the improvement in my Spanish like i would have wanted at three weeks in Mexico, so I'm going to try with all of my might this week to learn. I feel like I'm paying attention way good and then i lose track and realize i haven't heard a word they have said, and other times i feel like I'm anxiously involved in the conversation and can speak fluently. Its crazy here. I think the craziest thing here is the people. I absolutely love em. Its super crazy... get ready for it Taylor, there are people riding around on their bikes all day selling PAN. It costs three pesos, or a quarter, and you can have any sort of doughnut... cake... random breads with sugary buttery spreads... its absolutely fantastic... too fantastic. I carry three pesos every day to treat myself with a piece of this heaven.
My day starts at six thirty with a wake up and exercise for thirty minutes, followed by a icy shower [I gave up on heating the water with those stick things, it was too much work, i would rather just take an icy shower. Its actually kinda nice, it wakes you up super good. Then hour of personal study, hour of companion study where we practice lessons and an hour of language study. Leave the house at eleven. We contact and follow up on appointments, which almost always fall through, and eat a mountain of food for lunch at two with members. Continue with work the rest of the day, get to the house nine to nine thirty and lights out at ten thirty. We are super obedient, follow all the rules. Anyway Mexico is pretty good, i was bearing my testimony to a guy on a bench, when i look to my left and there is a cloud of dust, trash, and dark clouds. Take note it was almost perfectly tranquil before, and then it hit, and hurt. Lot of dust, and we couldn't do anything but just keep on working. What an adventure! Desserts are fruits or cakes or ice cream or flan cakes. Really everything. Really here is almost exactly like Ecuador Guayaquil. There are rich people, usually the bad people... people that get by alright, and the dirt roads one room. There are big supermarkets and nice car dealerships, and people living practically in a box. Its definitely an adventure and definitely an opportunity. Its strange, really hard, but I'm not sure i would want to do anything else. Peace.

Elder Rhodes

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