Monday, March 14, 2011

Los Perros

Lesson learned this week: Kick harder. So i haven't really had any major problems with dogs here, a few chase us, a few try and bite us... until i bought my bike. The dogs here, and like i said before, there are more dogs than there are people, LOVE bicycles. And by love i mean love attacking people on bicycles. On Tuesday i was riding, and a dog ran chasing us... got closer, and i kicked... and he got a hold of my shoe... he didn't really want to let go... eventually he did and everything was good... but the lesson learned, Kick Harder. Haven't had a problem since. I feel bad but like i always said as a child, they (my brothers) started it. Life is good here, went on exchanges with our zone leader, super awesome, its super great to take a break. Anyway really not much to say this week, really normal. It was a little discouraging, cause out of the three families we invited to church and accepted, no one showed. My companion said... Bien Venidos a la mission, nadie a la reunion sacremental! (Welcome to the mission, no one comes to sacrament meeting) Well I'm enjoying it here, it has been great weather and I'm having an adventure! A member took us out to lunch and asked what we wanted, my companion said burgers! Nothing like reminding you of home... But the hamburger tastes like bland sausage... But ketchup is the same here and it turned out all right. So if you could mom, can a Hires big H, or Salt city burger and ship it to me, thanks...
(Sometimes when Shaun starts his email, we can ask questions to him and have him reply. Question from Rocky - What is your bike like?) Its pink and purple, little kids bike, front brakes don't work, gears don't work, back brakes kinda work, seats falling apart, but it was super cheap, like twenty bones... cant complain. You better be riding my bike... Its the difference between wiping with a thorn bush and eating a dove chocolate. You better be riding my bike!
My favorite part of the day is studying the scriptures, history of the church and Jesus the Christ. The night is fun too when we visit recent converts and families we are working with. Contacting is just alright. Its fun when you get in with a family that is super ready to hear what we have. It's definitely an adventure, what i wanted, and I'm doing pretty good. Really the only thing i wish was better was Spanish, hopefully it will come, love you so much and got to go. :) Going to play soccer at the stake center with the rest of the missionaries... love the Mondays and the Sundays.
Elder Rhodes

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