Friday, February 11, 2011

Normal Week in the MTC

NOT! this week has been the ultimate craziest week of the whole mtc. and that is the best part... its going to be my last week in the mtc! So where am i going? on Monday we were informed that all the people going to Mexico and Brazil (about 120 missionaries) were getting reassigned and the papers for reassignment were turned in on Sunday and we would know where we were going on Wednesday. So of course really antsy for the first few days of the week. So Wednesday came around, and i couldn't concentrate at all, its like getting a new mission call! super exiting, i figured i was going to be teaching real people wherever i go but in my heart hoped it was somewhere super danky. Anyway i was getting my hair cut on Wednesday expecting to leave late next week and something happened. The zone leaders from my district, and all of the others in my district came to the hair cutting place and said "Elder Rhodes! They just called you in our classroom and you need to report at the travel office tomorrow at one to go to Salt Lake Mexican consulate and sign for your visa! Wow that was crazy, and definitely unexpected! I had expected to be here a few extra weeks and have more time to study. First i felt really exited that i was going to go to Mexico, but then i remembered they speak Spanish in Mexico.... So i kinda feel like my Spanish could be a lil better, but that is what is going to make Mexico such an adventure! Then i felt sad, because i was the only one in our district to get my visa to Mexico and i wish they could all come with me. They didn't get their reassignments Wednesday which was a bummer. So on Thursday i went down to the consulate (it is great to see our mountains and everything that reminds me of home) with six other elders going to Mexico. Turns out out of one hundred and twenty missionaries going to Mexico/Brazil only six got their visas on time....? Anyway I'm super exited to be immersed in the language and culture. So i asked the girl when she thinks we will be leaving and she said she is going to find a flight for Monday... that is soooooo soon!!!!!!!! if not than Tuesday or Wednesday, i get my flight plans tonight so expect about a five minute phone call to tell you when I'm going. So about the rest of my district, plans came in Thursday midday and four left this morning (the day after they got their was super hectic for packing and everything) to Fresno California. Our district is already split up, i didn't think it was going to be so soon. we had our own hasta ver where everyone sings god be with you till we meet again in Spanish... i never though this was going to be soo soon. It was crazy good, they left this morning and two leave with me Monday one to Arizona and one to Californian long beach. one Wednesday to Los Angeles and one Thursday to Colorado springs. Anyway it has just been a crazy week and i have been packing and stuff like crazy hoping for my bags to make weight. Anyway I'm not sure how to do pouch mail or anything like that, and I'm not exactly sure what my address will be in Mexico. nor do i know how to send stuff from Mexico to the united states... this is going to be a crazy experience. I'm so exited to be able to go to Mexico and so exited that i will be surrounded by the Mexican culture and by the language. I'm soo nervous but at the same time i think if i just take everything with a smile and when they are making fun of me just say "Lo siento no hablo espanol bien, pero... yo se que estas cosas son verdaderas y estoy aqui para compartir una mensaje que me he bendicido mucho. Y espero que sienta mi amor por mi salvador y quiero que escuchan al mejor cosa en la tierra, el evangelio de jesucristo." Hopefully they can feel the love and the gratitude i have for the gospel in my life. i am so exited to serve and next e-mail ill let you know how Mexico is! with love, your friend

-Elder Rhodes

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