Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm pretty sure I've gained 11 pounds

Hey family and friends and whatnots.

How is normal life treating ya? All things are under control here. We taught in Finnish again this week and it was still really rocky but much better than last week. From day to day you do not see any progress but you can really see the difference from one week to another...Its kinda like when i was growing my hair out and it never seemed like it was growing but than i would look at a picture and notice the difference. That is how i am learning Finnish... one tenth of an inch at a time!

I saw brett grant in here this week. Haha it was great to see the guy and got me pumped for when tay mil will get here. me and tay will only have like a week lapse but i will work hard to see my brosky.

Man i have been here five weeks. that is so weird to think. Theres a saying in the MTC that the days are like weeks and the weeks are like days. ha and it is really true. I am almost half way done here and it is finally dawning on me how much more things i need to learn and do. It seems like you have a ton of time, but you really dont and so when yall come, work like a mad doggg.

How are things going with Housten, is it a good fit and do you guys think you could keep it up for the next 2 years? lemme know. I sometimes feel like me and dad are sort of doing the same sort of thing. Something hard and lonely but nontheless important and necessary. Its helps me to know that i have parents with so much grit.

I am wearing my glasses in class now and would like it if someone could send me some chums (that thing that goes on old people glasses). any kind of chums would work.

Also, (im lookin at sisters/andy/friends here) if you ever see any cool or funny little stickers, you should send a few my way. I want to sort of pimp out my tag (on the backside of course). Ive seen some pretty interesting stickers here, and mine is pretty boring.

Also. Get ready for this one... I dont want that much junk food sent to me. There is so much here from everybodys packages and the english elders leave so often that we have a small mountain of junk food in our room right now. so im pretty set. Now dont get me wrong.... still send starbursts and/or skittles but i dont need so much of the other stuff. Maybe just something healthier i can snack on... I am saying this cuz i am pretty sure i have gained 11 pounds. Im not used to eating everything i want and gaining weight!! its madness. Its cuz we barely do anything physical here, whereas back home i was movin all day. So thank you, i do love getting packages.

This week i drew a picture of me and andrew going on the pirates of caribean ride. haha i miss my bro. i drew the part where the skull is saying dead man tell no tales and then you drop down the big hill... haha i look at it when i get homesick.

So ya i miss you guys and stuff. Thanks for the letters.

Love you all.

Vanhin Merkley

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