Monday, February 14, 2011

Phone calls & Flights

Shaun called home on Friday and gave us the message that he is actually leaving for Mexico on Monday. The phone call was short and sweet but stated he would be leaving SLC at 6:00 am on Monday. So today, (Monday) around 5:00 am, through the miracle of 3-way calling (twice), we were able to get all of Shaun's siblings & parents on the phone at one time and visit for a while. We spoke of excitement, nervousness, anticipation, sadness that he couldn't say a proper goodbye to John at the MTC, and exhiliration that he will actually be on Mexican soil later today.

Then around 10 Am today, surprise phone call came from Shaun while he was laid over in Dallas. The Lord works in mysterious ways and today was no different. Shaun's traveling companion's mother just happened to be in Dallas visiting her daughter when the 2 missionaries were scheduled to fly to Mexico. So mother & daughter came to the airport to see her son during the layover. She allowed Shaun to call home as well as send a parting photo of the 2 companions. Much gratitude for this mother to allow this to happen - there's no doubt in my mind that angels are among us. What a payday for a parent to see this...

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  1. I loved reading this so much! How neat for you all to be able to talk to Shaun. It was fun to see the picture of Shaun in the airport - so very cool! The "tender mercies" are always around the missionaries and their families!