Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Get a Gold Star

How are you all. I am doing well and I say that every week but I dont know what else to say... It is like back when i was in school and i would come home and mom would always say "how was your day'... I would think about my day and literally tell no difference from that day and all the other useless boring days at high school. Thats how it is here except not useless, and sometimes not boring. I have only been here 3 weeks and already my days are beginning to mesh into one long day with not a whole lot of difference between them. People ask me how long i have been there and I have to really think of the answer. You do the same schedule every day so when you think back on the days, you get everything mixed up.

But basically i am studying finnish a lot. It is a ridiculous language. every lesson we have blows my mind away, but i keep trying to understand and by the end i can usually barely grasp the concept. And then the next day the mind blowing process continues. It is really tiring, but i can really tell that it is stretching my mind and I am learning a lot.

Vanhin Jarvis was moved into our district this week. He is the one that was in Missy and Bens ward back in Finland, and he can speak it fluently. It is fun to have him around because he teaches us the words the teachers wont haha cool=siistii and he helps with pronunciation. It is kind of discouraging sometimes because it makes you realize how long we have to go until we can even kind of speak, but overall he is very helpful and a really nice guy.

I see shauny boy every once in a while. It is cool to talk to a familiar face... He is doing good and is getting stoked to leave. I would be too.

Oh and we are teaching a lot nowadays. It feels kinda weird teaching. I have learned a lot about my style of teaching. I think a good missionary needs to be balanced in knowing the scriptures well and the whole doctrinal side of things but also be able to relate and share the emotional and real side of things. Right now I do not really have the doctrinal side of things down as good as i should. I was never the kid in seminary who loved to memorize the scriptures they told us to so i could get a gold star. I was more of the kid who sat in the back and made fun of the kids who were crazy about the gold stars. but i wish i would have tried a little more. It would be really useful, cuz i hate having a perfect scripture in my head for that moment but not being able to find it. So all you seminary people out there, learn your stuff.

Ok thats about it. Keep the Letters coming. I really love them. I miss and love you all.

hei hei

vanhin Mergley

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