Monday, February 14, 2011

Bugs, Blisters, and Baptisms...

Monday, February 14, 2011

¡Hola a todos!

This last week was great and very eventful. Saturday night we had a baptism of maybe the greatest person I have met in Paraguay so far. Her name is Romina. She is 9 years old, and comes from a very inactive family. Its been a great experience working with her and her family, and we have started to reactivate the family because of the faith and strength of their 9 year old daughter. She is hilarious. It was a really special night with the baptism. I was able to give the talk at the service about baptism, and my comp baptized her. Overall, it was a beautiful night, even though preparing everything for baptisms is surprisingly hectic.
In my spare time, which is practically the 20 minutes before I go to bed, I wrote a rendition of "Come, Come Ye Saints" on guitar. I love that song soo much (maybe my favorite hymn) and so that was one of the highlights of this week, my comp and i are planning on performing it sometime, because he is really good at singing.
We had zone conference in Asunci├│n this was awesome. I got to see Colligan, Miner, and Richins who were in my district in the MTC. Also, we heard from President Madariaga, and learned about how we can be better missionaries through obedience. I know that obedience is vital in the success of a mission, so it was great to hear and learn about that. At the end of the conference they did a testimony meeting, where anyone of the 50ish missionaries could go up and talk. I felt like I should share something so I went up and bore my testimony in Spanish. it was a pretty neat experience, a very strong spirit was there in that meeting. After I talked to the President for a while and he gave me some great compliments on Spanish and everything, so that was a really great day, one of the best so far here. The language is really hard, but I love it and am working hard so I can improve and grow more. Spanish is cool, Guarani is really awesome too. I am pretty dedicated to learning both, so we will see what happens.
The bugs here are huge and crazy. I have pretty much been eaten alive this last week, tons of mosquitos here because it will rain super hard in the morning, then the sun comes so its a living sauna. My legs even get bit through my pants...Its frustrating too because I have the worst blister on my pinky toe...I named it "Two Face" because one side is perfectly fine and healthy, and the other looks like a wrinkly, pink, raw pinto bean. I´m sure you all didn´t want that image into your mind, but I thought I´d share my pain.
I can´t even express how much I am loving my area in Mora Cue (Bella Vista A). We have one of the highest assistencias (people going to church), if not the highest in all of paraguay. A few weeks ago we had 211 people at church...most others are lucky to get 50. The members are incredible too, I already have so many "moms" here, they call me their son and treat me like a son too. I love the support from the ward, they are great examples and are always willing to help us out in every way. I am so thankful I was able to start in this area, I couldn´t have asked for anything better.
I love Paraguay, the mission, the opportunity to serve the Lord, my family, friends, the people here, the gospel, everything. I can´t say enough about it here, besides that I love it and love being a representative of Christ. Sometimes its so hard and I am so tired, but I can honestly say I love it and wouldn´t trade this experience for anything.
Thanks for the support from home, from the friends. I love you and miss you all so much. Keep praying for me and the people. Keep in touch! Jayjotupata/Nos Vemos/See ya later!
Elder Babcock

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