Sunday, October 7, 2012

New News

So everything is working just fantastically in my new area... I’ll start off answering a few questions. My ward is a decent sized ward as far as compared to my last one. :) It has about 80 in assistance, and there are about 10 in Primary, 15 in young men and women’s, and like 10 in young adults. It’s a pretty fun ward with a lot of exited people, and a lot of work. There are a lot of less active families in our ward, starting with the bishop ha-ha... But with just one week here we have felt very accomplished. We have baptisms planned in two weeks, and we found someone this week that has been slowly prepared in his five years of being married with his less active wife. He accepted without doubt the baptismal invitation and went to church with his family. His name is Angel and he also has the goal to be baptized on the 20th of this month. There isn’t much coordination as far as the bishop and ward mission leader goes, but were going to see what we could do to further the work in this area. I feel like we are going to be helping a lot of people be baptized and continue on the straight and narrow. I’m really just excited to be here and to be working with the people in this ward.

Elder Robbins is from Logan Utah and is pretty crazy. I mean crazy like he’s fun to be around and has an interesting but a funny character. He’s has about 16 months on his mish and one month as zone leader so were still working things out on how to manage and help out our zone. We are going to have to be traveling to the border in the town of Valle Hermoso. We are over the missionaries that are there and it will be fun to travel again. It’s about three and a half hours away. He likes cars, mountain biking motorcycling, being at his cabin in Bear Lake, and riding snowmobiles. He’s the third child in his family of four boys. His other brothers have already served missions. We get along great, the only thing I see is that he’s not someone that motivates and lifts me to higher grounds, but were keeping it real and I’m learning how to continue to motivate myself and push forward even when there are things that he doesn’t like to do, like clean the house. Ha-ha :) I think I’ve come to a better appreciation of Mom. And a clean house. Never thought I would enjoy cleaning.
Anyway as for now that is all, were just loving the work and loving the time that God has given us to be missionaries. Do something crazy this week.

Briceidy (brees-say-dee) is the daughter of a family that washed and cleaned our clothes. They were very hospitable with me and we hung out a lot with them on preparation days making desserts and whatever. So the daughter went to Utah and is now studying English there and I told her that you guys would take her out and I gave her the number of Dad’s phone. So yeah. Just to clear stuff up.. It would just be a nice thing to do for a family that treated me very well in my last ward and always had their doors open to us. So she might call you and whatever.

Elder Rhodes

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