Sunday, October 14, 2012

Forest Gump

Conference is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you’re going to get.

So yeah I was just as dumbfounded and mind boggled from conference as I’m sure many of you were :)  It was just a wonderful experience. This time I watched all sessions in Spanish, one cause there wasn’t in English till Sunday afternoon and the other cause I just didn’t want to. :) I’m so stoked for all the new rug rat missionaries. I think it made a lot of people think "if it was like this for me what would I have done?" But the timetable of the Lord isn’t ours at time.

My companion and I were talking last night and he made the comment "Crap, now when we get home there won’t be any girls, they'll all be on missions!”.  I don’t think there could be a better place for them.

Some of my favorite talks were those of President Monson "make an inventory of your life" "see the potential of people" I loved the talks about Service and finding new ways to renew ourselves through service. I liked when they restated that we determine our felividad and that we shouldn’t just have an end goal but to enjoy the journey.  It was really just all great and helped me to recharge my batteries.
In Mexico it has always been that the missionaries can serve at 18 years old so there is not much change there and most of the families that I have talked to don’t want to send their daughters out on missions... But we'll just have to see what the futures got for us.

Hey we had a Zone leader council this week and its official; we will be coming home on Friday the 14th of December. I guess there was a mission rule that no elders can be traveling from the fifteenth to the thirty-first. So yeah...

Well I don’t have much time today cause we are going to be taking a bus to Nuevo Laredo which is on the border of the US and Mexico and were are going to be giving a training meeting to some elders and then were going to go on splits with them. So I really kind of got to go but I super stoked for the family and thanks for all the letters!

Dad by the way I was at Elder Holland’s talk in the MTC and it was way more powerful than it was in conference, I think it was because they had just put new seats in the conference center and he didn’t want everyone to soil them. Ha-ha I found out that Elder Holland is one of the only apostles that can make you pee your pants and feel the spirit so strongly. I really loved it

I hope that answers your questions that you’ve had but if I didn’t just send me a shout out. We are blessed

Dah dat dat da da I’m lovin it...

Elder Rhodes
I quickly emailed Shaun & asked how far away Nuevo Laredo’s bus ride would be… he replied…
Nuevo Laredo is three hours and ten Minutes! We’re leaving like at twelve or one... I’m going to read the book of Mormon to try catching up. Eighty days ends on the fifteenth of this month. But I’m only in Alma 55 so I think I’ve reestablished my goal to let me learn more and it’s going to be for before I get home! Love you Mom!

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