Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Update

Here is a summary of September emails from Shaun:
Hey Fam.

This week was pretty normal but also had its greatness. We had our interview with the President on Wednesday and went on splits with the assistants on Friday. The president is great... It was a little hard this week with finding new investigators, this week there was 1. and having lessons. I’m still looking for the key to getting the members exited to always have missionary work like the Pharisees had scriptures "on the front of their head. Anyway the greatness of this week was that the Amaro Family is like a sponge, to all the good. They blessed the Sacrament this week and it went great, they also came to the service project where we hauled all the logs and rake the dirt road around the chapel and take care of the dead dogs that people threw out ha-ha what an experience :) oh it’s great. There’s really nothing new so I’m going to have to leave it with that... Love you!

9/17  I’m a Cougar!
Hey so I’m a Cougar! (He’s officially enrolled at BYU) That’s sweet. Hey what religion class would be best? I think it would be fun to master the book of Mormon, but it would also be awesome to have a new or old testament class!
There’s really nothing new here in my Area. We are struggling a lot to find new investigators... We don’t have any baptismal dates at the moment, and it’s been a little difficult lately. I’ll ask that you also keep me in your prayers.
I found out a mission "secret" but I think you already know... they told me that they called all the parents (not us) and let them know. I hear they have plans to send us home the 14th of December (instead of the 19th)... just wanted to make sure you knew... or had heard something about it.

9/24                       What a Mish
So the news this week is that we went to the offices cause my companion had an interview with the president before he goes home, and immediately after the assistant, being in the offices, gave us our changes. Well it turns out that they decided to change me as well, so we have the homework of leaving the area nice and clean. They are going to enjoy the ward, and sincerely love it... as I have enjoyed it and sincerely loved it. It’s been a super great opportunity to learn what not to do and to learn what to do in a ward and in a calling. There are wonderful people here and it’s going to be a hoot where I’m going. Sounds like it’s another tiny ward, and my companion is going to be Elder Robbins an American. It’s actually really close to where I am at right now. Like five minutes away, so it’s still here in the city...
I’m excited to continue serving others and finding ways to help them strengthen their relationship with our heavenly father. It’s amazing the experiences one has on the mission. It rained crazy hard this week and I got crazy wet. It’s starting rainy season and I’m excited to not have another summer in Monterrey ha-ha, it gets hot.
Elder Rhodes

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