Monday, October 15, 2012

Greetings! I am totally in my old area, and it is just fantastic. We came up here today to do a Zone Training Meeting, which is a new once-a-month meeting that we teach to the zone about specific needs we have, and how we can better resolve them. I feel like it was a complete success. We were able to focus on our zone and our needs, and based most of it on practices. It was a great learning environment, the Elders really participated well, and we left very excited to improve the work in our areas. Even though it took quite a bit of preparation and time, it was well worth it. And after, we played a huge "partidazo" soccer game, our team did great.
Elder Colligan and I are really trying to take advantage of this great opportunity to be companions, and we are trying to be more creative and think outside of the box. We had been working with our investigator for a while, and he has come down to the conclusion that either our church is true, or the catholic. With our Mission Presidents permission, we decided to teach one more time about he could recognize an answer from the Holy Ghost, and offered to even attend his catholic mass on Sunday Night after attending ours, to "weigh the differences". After attending our meetings in the morning, we went to catholic mass! I feel like it really helped him out to see the love we have for him, and after mass, we taught him a lesson, and I think he is coming to see the many similarities, as well as the differences in ordinances. It was a very interesting experience. I gained a new respect for the Catholic faith, in the sense that those who attend seem to really be trying to follow God, just like us. They were all behaved very reverently, and even though the ordinances that were performed were not performed by Priesthood authority, and were different, it was a great opportunity to see how it all works. It also helped me to realize how nervous one must be going to our church for the first time, because Elder Colligan and I were super nervous. As of right now, he is progressing towards baptism for the last week of the month.
We are seeing miracles with our investigator! Her husband decided to marry her, which was huge news, something that not too long ago seemed impossible. Now, the obstacle is finding the money for the wedding, due to debt issues. Elder Colligan, ________, and I were able to do a fast together, and she called us last night with news about a possible source of money that would allow them for marriage this weekend! I know that when Satan puts everything in the way of a baptism (and in this case, a marriage), the Lord is willing to help out as well according to our diligence and faith, and we are seeing that abundantly. If it all works out, they will be married, and she will be baptized this Saturday.
Great news from this week was that a couple that I had baptized in my first area, were endowed and sealed in the temple this last week for time and all eternity! The bad news was that because I am far away from the city, President Madariaga said that I couldn't attend. It really hit me hard, I was just about sure that I would have been able to attend, and the news hurt me pretty bad. I had to take the news humbly and know that even though I wanted to be there, the work here in was what the Lord wanted me to do. I was able to talk to them on the phone before and after, and they had a great experience. Even though I was not able to attend, I felt as if I was with them, and am so proud of them.
Things are going great. I am going to teach some people tonight and am really excited. It is great to be with Elder Colligan, he is a great example to me. We are working really hard and are seeing great results. Keep us and the people here in your prayers!
Until next week,
Elder Babcock

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