Sunday, October 21, 2012

Testimony of the Fast


So the trip this week to Nuevo Laredo was fun, I saw Texas!!! I grabbed a rock there as a keepsake for the closest I’ve ever been to Texas, besides the airport... but in church a little kid took it away from me ha-ha.

It was a ball of adventures and it’s nice to be back in the city. Definitely a crazy difference between the two. So we met with one of our investigators and talked about tithing and fast offerings, and he shared on how he was not sure if he wanted to be baptized... So we started thinking that there is no better way to put into action the principal of fasting than fasting with him to know if this is what he should do...

It was cool because he was the kind of person that was always in the streets, without a job, really not doing much at all, a few of his family members recently were baptized and he approached us with the desire to learn. Well he now has a job, took out all his piercings, and progressed really fast. Anyway about the Fast, he totally got sick cause he had never gone so long without eating, but my companion and I were able to gain a better testimony of fast because He was able to be baptized this last Saturday... in his baptism I played the primary song "when I am baptized" on ukulele and we both sang... which wasn’t too shabby  I feel like it was a musical weekend cause for sacrament meeting yesterday my companion figured out that I know enough piano to read the songs with one hand, and he with practice can play the other hand, so we played the hymns in sacrament meeting yesterday.

It was an adventure.
Elder Rhodes

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