Monday, February 6, 2012

Why bad stuff happens to good people...

I had a great past week, one of my favorite things that we did was with the Sepulveda Tovar family. We have been helping this family for a long time; the brother is seventeen and has a lot of doubts with serving a mission. The daughter is married and has two daughters. And the mom is kind of inactive and isn’t really supporting her family in their spiritual growth. We have been passing with Rafael, the spouse of the daughter... who isn’t a member. Even though he’s been asking us to continue coming and helping him and his family... he’s had the problem... no help to his wife with not assisting church. The family knows it’s true and they want all the blessings of the gospel without the commitment. Well we made a family home evening appointment and answered one of their biggest questions... Why do bad things happen to good people? It’s pretty natural here cause bad stuff happens to good people and the bad people get away with some good stuff :) that sentence makes me laugh. Well the mom went to church and it made me super happy... and there they answered the question of why good stuff happens to bad people... and I got off with the easy question... and it all is solved with a few scriptures.

1. 1 Nephi 11 16-17 It doesn’t matter what happens in life... we don’t understand the meaning of all things... and we can’t pretend like we’re going to in this life but we know god loves us. And that changes our questions from "why does god chastise me (even though that’s politically incorrect)" to "What can I learn from what I’m going through in this life."

2. We might have trials but we shouldn’t let them define us like Alma and amulek... one of the most horrible scenes in the book of Mormon watching them burn women and children.

3. that Jesus Christ understands us through the atonement Alma 7 11&12 and that he wants us to use our free will to choose his course... and that if we live right... we will return to the presence of our Heavenly Father and all knowledge will be restored unto us. I loved the topic... it’s a hit with all the stuff going on in Mexico and I was able to bear my testimony of our savior Jesus Christ. I know he lives and loves us... That just as a father or mother would cry to watch their babies dying... that spiritual death is even more important... its eternal,,, and that it is possible that our Savior cries being holy from eternities to eternity Moses 7 29-33.

We were able to feel the spirit more... talk about our decisions to serve missions and testify to the son Misael in front of his brother in law Rafael that isn’t member... the feelings one receives on the mission. The happiness to see someone offer their humble prayer and come to feel of the truth... of Baptism and the saving ordinance that it is and the thanks that the people return to you for having chosen to serve a mission. I’m grateful for this area... for all of the people and more especialmente for my savior... for my mother that loves me so much to have scheduled the interviews with the bishop and the stake president to help me leave on the mish.

My companion is learning a lot and I am learning with him. Hna walker called us up and challenged us to do 20 contacts daily in the street and we are going to bear testimony in our zone meeting.. It has made us super energized and stoked to contact our whole area. By the end of this year ... I will have contacted... or have helped more than 4,000 people know of the true and restored gospel...

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