Sunday, February 12, 2012

For Missionary's Sake - Go To Church!

Elder Muñoz and I were super stoked for the happy holy hard week of work we finished Saturday night. We were sure Rafael was going to go to church, had some crazy powerful lessons with him and his wife. We had a family that committed to go and all her kids were crazy exited and committed to help their mom so that everyone could be ready for church!!!!!!!!! It was crazy sweet and we felt good with all the other people we had invited and had agreed. And even with all the prayers and fasting........ Long story short no one came. :) That’s when you just gotta smile... take a step back... of course laugh and make a few appropriate jokes... and get even more exited for the next week of even more dedication :) and KEEP SMILING face written everywhere in the house. I'll promise to write more next week. Take care I love you--
Elder Shaun Rhodes

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