Sunday, February 19, 2012

Had a berry good Valentines


This week was pretty basic. Our solid investigator is still doing well but she left for Sweden for a couple weeks (And she is going to talk to her sons about the church and about her wanting to be baptized.) So, if you could pray for *her it would be great. (*The laws in Finland are weird so we aren’t supposed to write their names but I’m sure if you just say "Elder Merkley’s solid investigator," it will be understood what you mean.)

We had a pretty funny teach with a buff African who has a lot of tattoos and has been in prison a couple of times. Before my mission, this would have made me a little nervous, but with all the Africans I have met, I feel absolutely at home with them and knew that he was as harmless as a kitten. I love the foreigners from Africa. They are very humble and usually love talking with the missionaries. He told us his life story and he had had quite an interesting life. He had been in prison and deported a few times and just all sorts of wild stuff. We walked out having not really taught anything, but it felt good to just listen to him because that is what he seemed to need right then. I love all the random situations you get into as a missionary.

It really hasn’t been that cold lately. This week was actually a little warmer and im starting to think the worst is over. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still pretty dang cold, but much more manageable.

We wrote the Valentines to all of the missionaries. I just used the typical lame-o phrases like "Wood you be my valentine" (and drew a stick with a smiley face) and " Bee mine" (and I drew a dog.... just kidding, a bee) Haha it was pretty fun to think of all the cheesy lines.

That’s about it. Thanks for all the love. I love you all. Have a "berry" good Valentines.... (actual line used in one of the Valentines)

Vanhin Merkley

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