Monday, February 20, 2012

Hey Bobby

I figure that mission life is like a bobble head, at first its way sweet looking, but if you don’t keep pushing it, it transforms itself into a normal statue. Ya gotta stir it up.
We had a pretty good week. One of the highlights was that we had an investigator in church! It’s a long story but with the Family Erika (Mom) Erik (16) Aranza (12) Grecia (9) Job (4) we have been working with them a lot. Aranza came with us Wednesday to mutual and we were hoping that she was going to excite her whole family. Well the young women were practicing for their new beginnings program and they included aranza. So she got way exited for church. Well Sunday comes around and she calls us crying cuz they didn’t pass for her to go to church... so we went to pick her up in a taxi... but ya know how girls are she let her emotions get to her and shut herself in her room :) But her little sister wanted to come so Grecia came and had a wonderful time. Erika told us she wants to have the whole family go this Sunday... so were very excited for that.
As far as Rafael goes... he has his baptismal date for the fourth of March. It’s doable but this last week they had a little argument and there can’t be support and spiritual progression when there is contention. So that work went on hold for this week.
We have been contacting like crazy and were able to testify of our work in our zone conference. It went super well and we are focusing a lot on family history. My companion gave a talk and he did a good job for such little time we had to plan. President Walker said that family history will be a great way to keep the converts in the church with their family history and doing vicarious work in the temple.
My companion is a great guy. He’s serious so sometimes I have to laugh alone. He does although imitate Dale on King of the Hill saying "Gosh dangit bobby" super well, But I think heavenly father has a sense of humor too cause there is a way to enjoy the journey and do the work. Elder Muñoz has two younger brothers and a younger sister and has a very cultural background. His parents are from Mexico and Uruguay and met in Colorado in a church dance.... oh church dances :) This week in our companionship inventory he asked me in tears to not joke about Lilly because he can’t imagine his life without her... and I took that opportunity to commit him to not write his girlfriend the last month of our three months together. I’m super stoked for him to accomplish :) I figure missionaries can be as hard as investigators to crack :)
I’m lovin life and really sorry that I can’t send a picture of him today cause we just got done ripping down the rotted cardboard of a recent converts roof and didn’t take my camera. I’ll be sure to send you one next week.
Sometimes you just need a person who understands you, and as a missionary I’ve been trying to figure out how to understand the people, understand why they do, or don’t do what they do. It’s been a crazy journey and I’m exited for it to keep on keepin on. "Life’s not a statue, push the bobble head once in a while” With love

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