Monday, February 6, 2012

Buenos Dias todos,

So we got changes yesterday and I will be staying here in the Hacienda while my companion Elder Wittwer will be going to an area like 15 minutes away from here haha. I will be district leader and will train a new missionary fresh from the sea (mtc).The weather has been absolutely perfect lately with clouds over all the mountains. It rained a bit also. I will be gettin a new comp I'm still not sure if he is from the states or from down here, but I am really excited no matter what. The week was good, I have yet to find my camera, but an elder let me borrow his for the week, but I think I will buy one today. On Tuesday we did divisions, and I got to go with the Elder that trained me when I first got to Mexico, Elder Lopez. It was a good experience and I learned a lot from him. The investigators are going well, but there is one problem. They are splitting our area in 2 so I will now be in La Hacienda 1, and I will be losing the investigadors that are progressing. Its kind of a bummer, but I know its inspired and will be for the best. We ate lots of tacos this week and had tomales for breakfast on Thursday with a really awesome hermana. We are going to be moving houses soon and we will be 4 Elders living together for the whole change. It will be interesting, but exciting. I think I have turned a little OCD on my mission, I like to be really organized and clean, and the houses here are the complete oppostie. So Im deciding whether to battle against the culture or tranquilize the OCD haha.
This week I had a sure answer to a prayer. I had a question on my mind for a while, and woke up one day and knew the answer. It was really wild and an experience that I have never had before. I want to invite you all to read your patriarchal blessings and pay attention to the promises... and the conditions upon which those blessings can be obtained. I was overwhelmed by the promises in mine this week and also a little overwhelmed in what I need to do in order to receive them. But at the same time I felt a lot of excitement to do my best to acheive it.I love you all, you help me more than you know. Hasta la otra- Elder Millet

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