Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bikes don't pedal when it's cold


This week was colder than last week. I thought -20 C was unbearable, but when it got up to -30 C (about -20 F) It felt like the other weeks were almost warm. It was so cold that I actually had my snot freeze into hanging icicle like in the movies. It is definitely an extra challenge because we have to schedule everything so that we are not outside for to long. Also the bikes don’t pedal as well when it’s that cold. And also, people aren’t very open to talk when the last thing they want to do is stay any longer out in the cold. But, it is an adventure and pretty sweet to experience. I have not seen the Northern lights yet, but the clouds in Finland are really pretty. I don’t know what it is but they seem to move really fast and its usually dark and quite outside which really sets a sweet mood. We are staying warm, the gear I brought is holding up pretty well. I’m hoping I can get a few winter pictures to sent home because it is really pretty and also after a big bike ride it is crazy to see what we look like. No exaggeration in saying it looks straight out of the movies with frost everywhere, on the hat, scarf, hood, and even on the eyelashes. It is pretty dang cold.

This week we had a Zone Conference in Oulu. It is on the West side of Finland and is a really cool city. We took a car ride (with other missionaries) there and trained back. Combined it was about 14 hours of traveling, but it’s not bad because we just study and rest. The Conference was really good, President Rawlings talked about praying always and that is sort of the big push in the mission right now. I learned some good stuff. It was fun to see all the other missionaries. The mission is so funny because there are all types of personalities and when everyone gets together there are some interesting dynamics. I almost feel like I am back in high school sometimes but they are all really cool and its always a good time.

Me and my companion have a funny idea of writing valentines cards to everyone in the mission. Haha it will be a lot of work for our P-day but I’m thinking it will be pretty funny and worth it.

That’s about it. Things are very cold, but going good here. It is really good to hear from you all, thanks for everything. I heart you all.

Love ya, Vanhin Merkley

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