Sunday, February 26, 2012

Contacting an Athiest

My companions doing pretty well, little touchy with his temper lately, but he’s a great guy. My zone leaders are pretty great as well, Elder Morrison who I told you about on the phone is still here and my district leader is still Elder Rodriguez, we’ve been together almost 6 months, this next week he heads home... He’s pretty awesome and one of my greatest friends here on the mission, six months is more than you spend with any companion. Elder Sorensen who was my companion in the MTC is still in my district and it’s great to see my great friend in my neighboring area. I’m lovin it... normally when no one goes to church it makes me sad, but these past few weeks its motivated me, one of the big problems is that church starts at 8 and parties end at 7:45 :) good ole Mexico. Sister Juana is great, she always takes us everywhere in her li’l car and we ate with her brother yesterday. She’s always a smile, the only thing wrong is that I’m losing weight… which is extremely necessary cause I was like Violet on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and she keep hassling me, telling me I need to eat more, one night she even made us late taking us to her house to make us French toast "torrejas". But it’s great.

The story of the week comes from yesterday, when I felt that working hard we would find some golden investigators, anyway we were walking and I heard someone singing a song by Teeg and Sarah, a fairly uncommon group, in fact they are lesbians, but they sing good, and I had never heard any song of the style I liked in Mexico in this entire year here, well she started singing it mopping the garage, and as we heard it I told my companion we had to go back and contact her. Any way I contacted her with all the spirit I had and was waaaaaay happy and excited when she interrupted me telling me she doesn’t believe in god... ha-ha. Well we continued with the atheist contacting style inviting her to pray and telling her of the promise of prayer. Turns out she didn’t want anything... I laughed it off and ended the night thinking of the adventure of missionary work.

Thanks for everything, I really don’t need anything but take care and keep sending updates on everything. Elder Shaun Rhodes

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