Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Transfer Adjustments

Hello all

Its really wild on a mission, but its overall pretty cool. What helps the most for me is getting into a routine. Its always sucky and crazy at first but after a while it gets normal and every so often even a little FUN!!!

This week has been really tiring. I got a new companion named Vanhin Gamblin, he is 6 foot 7 and a basketballer. He is a nice kid and we are getting along well. I was a little worried at first because he mentioned to me that his favorite movie is What happens in vegas.... haha I thought it might be a long change. but he is very cool. With this new companion comes many new challenges for me...

For instance. My old trainer usually was the one to cook the meals and I would usually do dishes... But now, neither of us really know how to cook which leads to some very interesting dinner options. One being a potato with lettuce on a quesada. It wasn’t that bad but we had no sauce so it just tasted like ground. We are learning though.

Another challenge is the bussing schedule. I never realized how chaotic it could be to get to the church. We have been 30 minutes late for pretty much everything....

I am also the one who has to remember and tell him many of the names of people in our ward... He is new to this district so I am the one who knows the ward better. I am now really wishing I wouldn’t have zoned out so much during church. haha. All this is making me very tired. I have been sleeping very well these last few nights...

This week we contacted into a very interesting fellow... He was a conspiracy theorist who thought that a lds mission was really training for the CIA... It sounded crazy at first but the more I thought about it the more I thought maybe this is CIA training:

We learn a language

We live in a different country

We wear suit and tie

We learn names and ´peoples background quickly

We have many rules we must obey

Very interesting stuff... At the end of the conversation we dramatically backed away from us yelling "You don’t know anything man! You don’t know anything....Haha I was very distracted the rest of the day. It gave me sort of a Truman Show kind of feel.

Our investigators are doing well. One has a baptismal date coming up and she is still doing very strong and coming to church and everything... the others still need a little time but they are all doing pretty good.

President Brown leaves at the end of this change... It is super weird to think that I am going to get a new President and also at that point I will have been out almost 6 months. Time flies. Until I think of how much longer I have here... then it sort of crawls. But I’m doing good. Still can’t understand anyone speaking Finnish, but I try.

So that’s about it. Nothing much really to report.


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