Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Next week will be the last at the MTC for Taylor

Everything is going good. Today is P-day and we have a little bit of a different structure to the day and so we now go to the temple right before dinner then eat dinner there. We have a devotional tonight and those are always good so I'm excited to go to that. I don't remember exactly when but sometime this week we got to go to SLC to get our visa stuff all finished up. So we got on a prison bus and drove there. It was great, I got to take a nap and there was tons of traffic so I got extra rest time. I have never been happier about traffic. So we just went to the consolate, signed some papers, got our pictures taken, and left. It was weird to see the outside world. It made me so excited to get to Mexico.

Spanish is coming along well, Elder Memmott still didn't get his visa for the Peru mtc so he is still in our trio. Also, Elder piereder didn't get to go to the consolate cause he's from Canada and so his is taking a little longer.

The district older than us left this morning at 4 A.M to New York, and I was really close to 2 of the people that left so thats a bummer but tomorrow we get 12 new elders. And we are now the oldest district so that's kinda cool. I remember how when I first came, the guys who had been here for 5 weeks seemed way older than me. And Miercoles will be our 6 week mark. Crazy stuff. We don't have travel plans yet, but 4of us Oaxacans will have our visas on time and most likely be leaving on May 30.

The testimonies of people here are so heart warming. This gospel changes lives. It gives people hope. It shows them a way to live that will bring happiness. I am so grateful to have grown up in it. Thank you so much mom and dad for always letting me choose, but also helping me in making good choices. I feel so lucky to have grown up in our Ward with so many great examples and youth leaders. I'm also grateful for good friends to help me make good choices. I can't wait to get to Oaxaca and teach people about this gospel and give them hope in this life and in the life to come.

I love you all, will talk to you soon.

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