Monday, May 23, 2011

Hace un poquito calor (It's a little hot here)

Wow. Lots to say about this week. I finally got a package!!! My favorite part was it said don’t open until April first! Glad I didn’t have to wait, cause it arrived May sixteenth? Ghall its good to taste real sugar. I don’t know what it is about Mexico, but they like chile con todo. Apple with chile, todo fruit with chile. Succors with chile. I don’t know why, but they don’t have cheerios with chile thank goodness. :) Not that its bad, but if you want to taste an apple, eat an apple, and likewise with chile.

This week was crazy. Washed all of my clothes by hand, just because I’ve never done all of my clothes by hand, and my companion doesn’t want to spend money... and I went to six hours of pure church. I think the first time in my life, what a calling it would be to be in the stake presidency... What happened is an Elder got sick, so I went with his companion to church while my companion stayed with the sick Elder in his house. Definately an interesting experience. About thirty minutes till the second ward (Ours) started... Power went out, not a big deal cause the ward is small and really we don’t need a microphone... but when you have seventy people in a chapel without air conditioning? Definately an experience in hot Mexico.

Carlos recieved the priesthood this week which is super awesome and we ate in their house today. They have a subscription to the Liahona and really already feel like members, they can’t wait to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. This week was also super crazy cause there was a talent night in the ward. Some sketches, plays, we sang Come Thou Fount in English, and best of all??? One of the members of our ward is Mariachi... Super sick, what I pictured Mexico as being. Super danky! I’ll send a picture if I can.

This week I’ve definitely strengthened my testimony in the power of service. Service in everything. I’m loving washing dishes, digging ditches, and the new experience of the week? Put out a garbage fire. There was a girl burning her trash, we offered to help, and accepted, while we were putting out the fire… cause it had spread to her grass. She thanked us and told us that really she needed our help. She shared that her husband died in January and she lived in that house by herself. Not only the power of service can help them understand who we are ( representatives of Jesus Christ) but it also helps us understand them, without doing any work. Usually we have to talk with them for a few minutes to find out their doubts, issues, and lifestyle, but with service, we didn’t say a word and found out everything we needed to know to help her. The best part of this was at the beginning, we saw her and a bunch of smoke... We thought (were just going to interrupt her and she’s going to tell us she doesn’t have any time to talk and is busy) And then thought... what does it hurt to ask. We need to follow the guidance in our lives even if it seems like such a small difference.

Why am I a missionary? Because of you. I feel so blessed to have my family and this knowledge that we can be together forever if we just follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel blessed that I was born into this knowledge, because I don’t think I would listen to the missionaries. Like Joseph Smith said, if I hadn’t seen this vision, I myself would have a hard time believing it. I do have a testimony of Joseph Smith. Logically like you mentioned, but also I have felt of his story, especially in the MTC is where I gained a stronger testimony of the prophet. I know he lived, at times I doubt, I need to have more faith, and at times I know for pure assurance that these things are true. At times I think is there really any need for religion, and times when I know that this is the truth. I’m loving serving the Lord and the people of Mexico. Continue to pray for them... With love

Elder Shaun

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