Sunday, May 8, 2011

May Vappu

wow. a lot to say.

I like being in Helsinki. This week I have really realized how cool of a place it is. There is so much going on all the time. I really did come to Finland at a great time. The weather is cool and sunny. I really love the city. Its so crazy, There are these 2 huge birds that hang out in the city square... I swear they are huge owls but im not sure. People crowd around with cameras and binoculars to see them. I asked a Finn what kind of bird it was and she said "(Fínnish word)", so i just nodded my head and acted like I understood.

This week went by real quick. It was Vappu which is quite an interesting holiday. Everyone gets wasted the day before... which is a big part of any major holiday. But the next day everyone wears their graduation hats and go have a picnic (where often times they get drunk again). It sounds pretty fun (the picnic and hat wearing, of course). The sidewalks and busses were really crowed. There were also more screaming drunks than usual. The missionaries have to go in early cuz everyone just gets super wasted... ha. This week there have been more and more drunks walking around. they are really funny. and a little scary. There was one that was very entertaining. After urinating at the bus stop he hobbles over to me and elder hamner and offers us a cigerette. than he gives us a hug... and offered us some alcohol. He said he drank so much because "Jesus drank wine, and im trying to be like Jesus...." HaHa well. At least he is trying....

We got a new great investigator this week. She has already texted us and told us she wanted to be baptized haha. We were both just thought ya alright I think that can be arranged.... But she has to come to church for 3 weeks before she gets baptized, so we need to explain that to her today. She is a very interesting Russian lady, about 45 years old.

Oh. I asked a guy to baptism this week and he accepted. It was pretty awesome. It was his first teach though and a little too easy so we will see what happens.

I helped with a baptism... It was a big guy so they needed another body in the font to help pull him back up. They did not have any mens underwear for me to wear, so I had to compromise with womens... It did not look extremely different from the mens, but the frill on the end was a dead give away... I was nervous that when I got wet you would be able to see right thru. But luckily they couldnt tell. Or at least, I hope they couldnt.

Finland does not have a crazy amount of baptisms, but it is on the rise. The missionaries and members are all working hard and it is creating results. Im no big into the numbers and all that, but I have come to more fully understand that they are necessary so that we dont slack off.

I also just finished the DC and the Pearl. Thats some crazy stuff. A lot of the times I dig myself in a hole when I study because I dont understand, or what I read seems contradictory and it bothers me... but my companion is really great. He speaks like the most typical mormon missionary but it helps me to hear his simple faith and his deep deep love for the gospel. I try and get all intricate, but he helps me understand the basics and not get so riled up about the other stuff. Like I have said before. I am coming to my own realization of what I believe, it is not typical, but I feel it is still right because it is what works for me and helps me understand more clearly.

Ok love you all and whatnot.

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