Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Companion for Shaun


This week started off with playing some more soccer, normal missionary work, and preparing a family for baptism. Definitely a payday to see all of you work that you have put into a family payoff. It was a family of five, a young couple, with three young kids. Their names are Carlos and Jessica and their three kids Carlos 6, Jesus 3 and Jocelyn 1. It was fantastic to see the members of the ward welcome and share testimony about the truthfulness of the gospel. The same night we called home (mother’s day). A full day in the church. eleven in the morning to clean the font, till eight-thirty at night locking up the church. Before the mission it was a hassle to get to two hours of church, but ten? :) It was a great day. Good to talk to ya and thanks for everything. My compañion is going to Monterrey tomorrow, and I’m going to be in this area with Elder Lopez. Don’t know anything else about him, cause there are about 7 elder Lopez’s in our mission. Not much else to say except for thank you
Elder Rhodes


I did something I’ve never done in my life, washed my clothes by hand, im sure all the old people that read this are laughing. Wasnt to hard, just took a long time. This week i waited for a new companion to arrive. His name is Baurak Ale Lopez Bañuelos. He is from Tiajuana and has been on his mision for sixteen months. Definately more promising. He is a nice break but not a hard worker, it seems like there is a trend. He lets me make my own decisions, but doesn’t really like to contact or be in the hot sun, and if we enter a house, he likes to be there for two hours talking with the people. As missionaries we should enter teach and leave with the spirit. A letter will be coming in a few weeks with more details i think. We’ve been enjoying working together and hoping that all goes well for the next few months. I just got over a bit of sickness and I’m feeling great. It was awesome this week to see the recent converts come to churc. White shirt and tie, participating in the classes and they are feeling great. Didn’t study at all how to do a confirmation, cause I though the bishop was going to do it. Told me that I was going to do it about ten seconds before I did it. Explained it to me super fast, and I didn’t do too well, but hey they said they felt good. Already exited to be able to enter the temple in a year. It’s super chido. Anyway not much else to tell the family. Hope all is well and everyone is just doing fantastic. HAve a nice day!

Elder Rhodes

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