Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello to all!
Greetings. We are here in the city, just finishing up a great P-day. We had our Zone Leader Council and it was incredible. President Madariaga always helps us to always leave meetings with him ready to change. He talked a lot on what we need to "become", not just "know and do". It was very special and feel even more dedicated to the work.
We had many investigators attend the baptismal service, one of them being our investigator that is awesome, super intelligent, but had many doubts. In the baptismal service, he said that he felt a strong impression that what was being performed was true. It made us feel so happy that not only he felt an answer from God, but that he regonized it! He still has many doubts, but we are working hard with him.
Elder Colligan and I are having a great time. We are learning to cook a lot better. Elder Colligan made some great sloppy joe things without even using any sloppy joe mix! Unfortunately it made me kind of sick, but hey, the effort was what counted.
This is a really special area. It has a lot of great history. Unfortunately, it also has some not-so-good-history, due to rumors, lies, and every other things Satan tries to put in the way of the Lords work. That has impeded many people from coming to church. We just got a new Branch President who is great and has helped with a lot of reactivation work. It is great to be here. I just wanted to make a quick passing comment on how important it is to support the leaders that the Lord has called in our wards, stakes, all the way up to the First Presidency and Quorom of the 12 Apostles. We must support them not just vocally or with the raise of the right hand, but sincerely in our hearts support them, pray for them, not talk bad about them, even when others are. I am reminded of my favorite lyric from one of my favorite songs. "Who am I to judge another, when I walk imperfectly? When the quiet heart is hidden sorrow that the eye cant see? Who am I to judge another, Lord, I would follow Thee." I always feel so humbled when I read those lyrics...Who are we to judge others, when we ourselves are imperfect as well. Think of how badly we plead for the Lord to forgive us for our mistakes, imperfections, and even more for our sins. Then think of when others are going through that tough process, or better yet, when WE ourselves are going through that process. Does it not feel great to receive a positive call from a loved one, a warm smile from a ward member, and handshake from a leader, saying "Hang in there. We love you. We appreciate your work." Or does it feel better to hear "Hey look at so-and-so, he is not doing his job. He does not keep commandments, he is such a bad example." It hurts me so badly to hear members complain about other members, about leadership, when they are just sitting there doing nothing. If we could all just change the "Look at all the things they are doing wrong attitude" to the "Hey, how can I better help them and show my love and support for them" attitude, the work of the Lord would significantly grow, branches and wards would be more united, nonmembers would look towards us as great examples, and the Lord Himself would look down on the members of His church, proud and pleased. Let us all be more kind, and support our leaders, they surely would appreciate it. I am so thankful for the leaders I have had in my life, such as my bishop, stake president, young men's leaders, mission president, family and friends, dad, grandparents, the list goes on! Thank you for what you do! Keep up the great work.
Love you all! Pray for us.
Elder Babcock

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