Sunday, September 30, 2012

Clean Sweep

Email from 9/2/12
The Amaro Family is progressing wonderfully. We had a family home evening last night and it went wonderfully. The father and the son received the Aaronic priesthood in the office of priest and then went to a priesthood conference on Sunday Night. Actually the dad received the Priesthood and then ordained his son. It was a special experience and its fun to see their excitement as they learn even more. Asking questions like "and you guys carry your oil with you?" cause that’s what they recommend that all priesthood holders do! And Asking "How soon can I give priesthood blessings to my sons?" Those are like magic candy words flowing out of a converts mouth :) 
My greatest experience of the week was that of re-living my at-home Friday afternoon naptime dejavu. You know... the program you put on TV just to have something in the background to fall asleep to. Anyway sometimes it was golf that I put on because they whisper which makes it just wonderful for someone who really doesn’t want to watch golf but wants to take a nap, but other times I put on the show "Clean Sweep" the show where they go into a nasty pack rats home and throws away all their worthless junk. The show where the overweight single mom is crying cause she already chose twenty items to put into her kitchen and has to part with her mickey mouse salt shaker that her great-grandmother gave her. Anyway... I relived this show because we went on exchanges with an area in our zone. I got to the house and on stepping inside... the smell of rotten grease water and wet curtains came over me. It really like took my breath away. I couldn’t believe that missionaries could live in this place. The companionship was having a few problems and I would think "well of course, who wouldn’t living in such a disgusting house?" anyway we got to the house after a good day of missionary work and I got to work on the kitchen. Didn’t get that cleaned up when it was already ten thirty... so I made plans with the elder to get up early and spend the morning cleaning. From 5:30 till 10:00 we worked to get everything organized and that which wasn’t used thrown away. I was scared of contracting some type of contagious swamp and cockroach disease but after all was finished I took mental before and after pictures. The garbage men passed by and were definitely exited to find little treasures like a grease covered ten year old hot wheels car out of the eight full large black garbage bags. I was extremely tired afterwards but felt very fulfilled. I love service...
Elder Rhodes

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