Thursday, September 20, 2012

Union Hidalgo Mexico

When entering Union Hidalgo (a small town outside of Juchitan), the traveler is welcomed in by a large sign that says "la tierra de las mujeres bonitas", which translated means land of beautiful women. This week we were headed to Union Hidalgo in an old bus (or just poorly kept) and a man in a silk dress shirt got on. He opened his Bible and began sharing the story of Noe. The religious culture here is quite diverse and causes much confusion. But this week my companion and I tried, as counseled in the book "Our Search For Happiness", to focus more on the things that unite us than those that divide us. Often a difficult thing to do, but it was helpful this week. This week was really good here in Zapandu. There was lots of work to do and there was a baptism in the area of a guy named Said. He is my same age but hes a monster (which is very rare to see here in Oaxaca, most people are chaparritas-short) He was convinced from the very beginning and is determined to do his best. He also proposed to his girlfriend on Thursday but their date is in 2 years. He hopes that they are both members by that time and can be sealed in the temple. This week is the last of this transfer, and I have been here for 3 transfers (about 4 months). I have never been in an area for longer than 3 transfers, but we will see what happens this time. All is going well. I have been with Elder Hales (from Santaquin Utah) for about 3 months and we get along well. There is lots of work to be done and I hope to know how to manage it all and be able to focus on the most important of it all. A few sisters in the ward have recently expressed concern for their husbands and their inactivity in the church. I have seen this situation too many times to count in my mission. The church here is in need of worthy men who support their wives and family in their efforts to be faithful. The church is growing and this will be part of our focus - families.

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