Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Young Women Have It Right!

My new comp is pretty great from Sonora, like right beneath Utah and Arizona in a city Obregon. He’s twenty as well and lived from 10 years old to 17 years old in Mesa, Arizona. He’s ends his mission in three months and it’s fun to just be able to rant in English or Spanish.
So I wanted to share something I learned this week, but that impacted me a lot. I was thinking of the young women’s theme song or whatever they say every week, and listened to a BYU devotional talk on... Divine Nature. It came to my mind that too much in the church, or at least in Mexico, I didn’t really pay too much attention in the US, we focus on "el hombre natural" the natural man is an enemy to god!!! Grrrrhhhh (evil sound effects) I’ve always liked that and how we can become saint by the atonement and all... but I loved 2 Peter 1... The only two places in the scriptures if I’m not wrong that say "Divine" is 2 Peter 1: 3 and four. We may be participants of divine nature. We are of a divine nature and have a naturally holy side, I think it is better to focus on our divine nature and the natural man will automatically go away... The young women have it right :)
You asked about our Ward and the new mandates for member referrals only... Oh the members aren’t that exited, it’s like one of the oldest wards in Monterrey so they feel like they have talked to all of their neighbors and it’s like a box.... Missionary work: Check      Don’t really understand the process. But we will be working with them and just being as excited as my twenty one teeth can be :) (I really don’t know how many teeth I have) But we have been able to find some new investigators through the part member families. Love ya!

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