Sunday, July 22, 2012

Great lessons I'm learning


This week was a good one. We had splits in Rauma and I was told to bring my guitar. I was going on splits with a guy named Elder Manwaring. He is really musically talented and so we planned to play together outside (because he has a mandolin) and lay out some Book of Mormons and see what would happen. We had not practiced together very much and I’m quite terrible at playing along with someone and keeping beat because I so often only play along. But it was really really fun. We just played through some basic church songs and he sang. (I actually somewhat sang during a few of them, but I still hate singing so it wasn’t very loud haha) There were a few people who came by and looked at the Book of Mormons a little bit, but it just felt really good to change it up and do something different. After a while, he continued to play and I went and contacted people. Overall, it was a really great time. And it gave me some good ideas for my future as a bum. I can play, get some coins, buy some food and repeat. What else does a guy need! Wow, so many great lessons I am learning.

We had a sweet dinner appointment with the man who always gives us bear hugs. He took us out to this little beach place where they had a cafe. We had some fries and chicken nuggets (I do eat meat in dinner appointments...) and then we walked out to this awesome beach. It was pretty windy so the waves were blowing through which looked pretty awesome. There were also tons of close islands full of pine trees making the overall scene really sweet.

Thanks for all the letters and love.
You’re all the best. Love you. 
Vanhin Merkley

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