Sunday, July 15, 2012

A frustrating, hopeful Sunday...

Hello to all!
It is always fun for P-day to come around, to be able to reflect on the week and let all of you at home know how everything is going down here in good ol´ Paraguay! Things are...más o menos right now, we had many good and bad things happen last week.
Some highlights were that we are working very well with our members. We are teaching many quality lessons to our investigators with members present, and I have come to realize that the testimony of a member in a lesson is so powerful! I am loving the members here, they have become super open to helping us, and to go out and do visits.
Also, out of nowhere,the son of a mother, was preparing to be baptized. We organized it all, and he chose me to baptize him. It was really cool, the water was pure freezing. As I was preparing to do the baptism, I had a great thought come to mind: In the church, there are so many times when out of nowhere the priesthood is needed urgently, such as a blessing or ordinance, and it made me feel so happy that I was able to help out without any notice before hand. I am thankful for the priesthood, it blesses lives.
Yesterday had many ups and downs.  We were sitting there at church with basically no members and 1 investigator, and I was pretty sad about the whole situation. I remember that I was pretty upset and frustrated about the whole thing, and that so many people that said that they'd go, hadn't showed up. I turned to D&C 121 and started to read about Joseph Smith and all the trials he faced (which for the record were much more severe than mine yesterday). It hit me with a nice slice of humble pie, I realized that people do have agency, and that those that faithfully serve the Lord are always blessed, even when the situation seems dark and bumpy. At that very moment, I saw ____ and ____ through the window, and realized that the Lord was looking out for us. I have been trying not to get so down when things don't go my way, it has been something that as I have had more desires to share the gospel and help others, I have also been getting more down when people don't do what is right. I know that God has a plan for us, and that our agency is key for our growth. I have come to learn that in a very real way in the mission, and even though sometimes it would be nice if investigators didn't have agency, and would just be forced to keep commitments for their own good, I know that it is a blessing and is the only way to truly grow.
Pray for us and the people here in Paraguay! Love you all!
Until next week,
Elder Babcock

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