Monday, July 2, 2012

Visa Renewals

This week was kinda crazy. We had a few normal days until Wednesday, when the mission secretary called and said I was to go to Oaxaca on Thursday to sign some papers to renew my visa. And so, we had to go get some pictures for my visa, and were running around trying to leave all of the investigators in a good position while I was away for Thursday and Friday. I traveled to the city with Elder Orth (he was in the MTC with me, also from Sandy) and it took about 5 hours to get there. Apart from all the curves, I love the bus rides here. Its really awesome driving through the mountains and seeing all of the little pueblos and the style of life for some of the people here. When we got there (around 10 on Thursday night), the assistants to the presidente picked us up with 2 other elders from our generation (same time in the mtc) and we went and ate some hamburgers. Then, waking up on Friday we went to sign our visa papers, and were given some time to walk around and check out the city. We went trough the big market and I ended up buying a Mexico jersey for 100 pesos. It is sweet and like I said I'll send you some pictures next week. Then, we made our journey back with my package and a few others for other missionaries, and arrived back in Juchitan around 8 30 Friday night. Saturday a kid named Juan got baptized. His family are all members, but have been inactive. He just turned 9 on Saturday, and had mentioned to his parents that he wanted to get baptized. And so we made the arrangements, and had a few lessons with him, and he was baptized on Saturday (I will also try to send pictures next week). We were excited that he felt that desire all on his own, and feel that it will be the little tug that the family needs to stay active and support their children. I played a hymn in the baptism from one of the tabs you sent me (I am a child of god) but made the mistake of not watching my guitar beforehand, and when I got up there and started playing I realized it was way out of tune. I think someone was playing with it and messed up the tuning before. And so it sounded pretty terrible but luckily the people here are quite tonedeaf and so it wasnt too bad. There is also another family that we are teaching. A little about them... This kid (Martin) has been going to church alone for a while. He had wanted to get baptized but said his parents never gave him permission. And so, last transfer, Elder Tovar and I went to talk to his parents, initially with the intent of getting permission for him to be baptized. It turned out that the dad was recently in an accident and was basically home all of the time because of his broken leg (broken in the same spot I broke mine). They didnt give him permission because they said he was too young, but they did accept that we could go and teach Martin every week, and because of the dads health situation, he was always in the lessons. Long story short, the dad has come to love the teachings and has felt their truthfulness, and expressed to us a desire to be baptized - as a family. And so right now we are working with the whole family so that they can all feel that same desire and get baptized together. But, if not, the dad will most likely get baptized within a couple of weeks. It is a really awesome family and an awesome story. It is a testimony to me that the Lord prepares the way for those who are ready to hear the Gospel. I know that Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven live. I love them and their plan for us. It is perfect. I know the Book of Mormon is true and can guide us in the worst and best moments of our life, if we study it with a spirit of prayer. The Holy Ghost is our constant guide, we just need to learn how to listen to it , recognize it, and have the courage to follow it. It is sometimes hard, but it is always the right way.

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