Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Brother gets Married Today!

I was totally eating on Saturday afternoon when the brother asked me how many brothers I have... And if they were older or younger and if they were married... So yeah I got thinkin like at 2 in the afternoon... "That’s Right! My Brother gets Married Today" what the heck! It snuck up on me way to sneakily. Not that I’m not thinking always of you Brandon... ;) But that was weird. It blew my mind to be the only single adult in my family... Besides the little single adult Lillyanna.  Anyway we had a pretty fantastic week. It’s been great to be with Elder Fowler for this exchange... time flies by so quickly, and changes were this week. Yesterday they called us and told us that... We’re going to be together another three months together! Yay. I’m exited. I loved the pics of my cardboard cutout... it was pretty great :) (Shaun's brother, Brandon was married in the Draper temple on May 19th.  We had a cardboard cutout of Shaun for our pictures at the festivities.  The one attached is Shaun with his brothers at the Wedding dinner.)  Hopefully you can get me some pics of Brandon on his special day... That would be sweet to see. The only one I saw of them was the tiny little one on the table in your brothers and sisters picture... where they are smooching. The weeks been pretty great, three people assisted church this week, a family that we weren’t really expecting. I’m glad that someone had the desire to share those few little hours of Sunday with our heavenly father. They are a great family, and I really hope that their kids can get interested in our message as well. The week has been full of sleeping under the stars, going on cockroach house hunts, and planning for our next "smoothie week" full of carrots, alfalfa, spinach, and a mountain of all sorts of fruits and veggies. I’m stoked and happy to be here on such an enjoyous time at the house. Love ya mom and Dad.  Got to go, say hi to all the family for me
Elder Rhodes

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