Sunday, June 3, 2012

Struggles & Blisters

This week has been soooo full of opposition. But that’s sometimes the way it is. From out of hand Catholics laughing in our face about joseph smith to the all saved Baptists who only need to say a prayer and yep. Salvation. It doesn’t matter how many scriptures you use... the spirit is the most important key in conversion and understanding. And work doesn’t work without it.

Despite our opposition, it was and is a pleasure to see your converts and the newly baptized members come to church and bring such a new spirit to a downtrodden ward. A total of twenty eight people were attending the ward, but we were able to coordinate and carry out a service project this morning. Actually I have a blister and so I can’t type as fast. It was a lot of digging and moving earth from one spot to another so one of our good friends and someone we always talk to about the gospel that sells hot dogs and like bratworts can build himself a little cabin to have his business. I can just say I’m glade to have some types of plans to study... you just learn to appreciate it more ;)

On Sunday we were able to serve. We gave two English classes, taught a struggling daughter about least and greatest common factors and are hoping that we can have some progress with them. They are a pretty great family and were excited to have found them.  We hung up our newly bought hammocks to be able to withstand the hot nights and we are just loving and enjoying the tender mercies of the lord. I’m grateful to be here and am excited for what’s to come.
Elder Rhodes

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