Monday, June 25, 2012

Standing in Holy Places

First off Happy father’s day dad! I tried thinking of our father’s day tradition and thought of how dad would always by his father’s day present three week early and then on father’s day we just did normal stuff... maybe I’m completely wrong but I’m glad you had a stunner weekend. You deserve it. Yeah dad I get your letters. It’s great to read your writing. I swear like fifty times before I’ve written you saying that I receive them... but I’m sorry for not answering your questions. I guess I kind of forget them a lil. This time I got a really short letter just asking if I get your letters... if you wanted to know.

It’s very interesting that you ask standing in holy places (Rocky and I were preparing to speak in our Sacrament meeting and asked for Shaun’s thoughts). It’s pretty obvious as a missionary to see and feel the spirit present in many homes, and completely absent in others. I think besides the temple ANY place can be a holy place. I was commenting with Elder Fowler about how god cannot be in the presence of any unclean... imperfect... mortal... thing. Be it plant, animal, or man. Therefore as the fall of Adam brought the fall of all of these elements, the sacred grove, mount Sinai, and the appearance to Steven, not only had to have had change the bodies (transfiguration) but also of the plant and animal life. I just never really understood the sacredness of those sacred places.
Any place can be made sacred. With the correct thoughts, music, and actions, we can carry and form around us a small sacred grove to receive revelation and understand how our position can bless the lives of others when they enter into our presence. "Let your light so shine before men" "Proverbs 20.27 "Lampara de Jehovah es el espiritu del hombre." A lamp is what opens the path in front of us to not only us but those around us... and is literally the light of Jehovah. I think dad is right on buying a 5000 light powered spotlight he he :) and our light can grow... which is what is soo precious.
Those are just a few thoughts. I’m just going to share quickly what happened this morning. So we wake up and looked out to see our light bill on our gate... Went out and got it and saw that it was pretty expensive... like 45 dollars. Which is kind of a lot for missionaries. It’s usually around ten or twenty. So I was going to have to pay some from my own funds which I was fine with cause it went over the limit. Got home from paying the bill this morning and totally saw another light bill in our gate. I thought "what the?" I got it out and it was our address and it was only 3 dollars... I got kind of trippy pulled out the other light bill and saw it was for our neighbors he he. We had a very interesting and kind of weird conversation getting that all resolved.
This week Elder Tenorio came and we had a blast. He was telling a bunch of jokes and just had a wonderful growing opportunity. He taught us about having visions and having specific prayers. He related it to Marc 10:46 the blind beggar and showed that even blind men can have visions... just as this Jew, had listened to the Jewish prophet Isaiah prophecy that "the blinds eyes shall be open" and upon hearing that the savior was close cried out "Jesus! Son of David! Have Mercy on Me!" The others were probably like "shut up bartomeo, the savior is here" and throwing his cap aside (his past occupation of begging) was healed. He knew he would never have to go back to begging and his vision was fulfilled. I’m excited for the vision my mission and am glad for the visions that I have seen completed in my mission. There could be nothing better than having this knowledge and understanding of our savior. I love him.
The last thing that happened to us was that we were walking outside in the mid-day turning into roasted chickens when my companion ( I was actually on interchanges with Elder Holley (with whom I got here on the plane with)) said "let’s say a specific prayer" I just started saying, not even in prayer form "were going to stand on the corner and the next person that passes by is going to come with us to his house and let us teach him... when someone comes around the corner, we contact him and he lets us walk with him to his house to listen and talk openly. After my companion said "I know god has a sense of humor... he didn’t even let you finish your sentence" he he it’s just fun to be a missionary.
 Playing around with family history on our Preparation day! Were totally related by Elder Rhodes' 6th great grandfather William Fowler, and Elder Fowlers 8th Great Grandfather William Fowler... Pretty awesome eh? The spirit of Elias :) We love each other just that much more now... Enjoy   Elder Rhodes

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