Thursday, January 5, 2012

We are seeing miracles!

Hello to all!
We are seeing miracle after miracle here, its been an incredible run of tender mercies, and I am so thankful to be here. First off, I wanted to wish everyone a happy New Years! Make this year the best one, spiritually, mentally, physically, in every aspect!
We had a big rainstorm that came out of nowhere. We were walking down the street, and it just hit us. A tree just split and fell right by us, due to the power of winds and water, and it became what I like to call the wettest moment of my mission, literally as if I just did a big jump of the diving board in church clothes and bag, went underwater, and swam around for a few minutes, then got out and started working. Such is the mission life!
I have a great testimony of the videos of the church. We watched the Testaments with one of our investigators named Carlos and his family, and the last part when Christ heals Helam (I think that's his name, the dad and prophet) the Spirit was stronger than any other moment with them. We went directly into 3 Nephi 11, read about what Christ taught about baptism, and invited 2 family members to be baptized. Also during this last week, we watched the Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration movie with the recent convert family Pablo and Mirium, with their daughters (who are preparing for baptism this weekend), and a bunch of less active members. It was so spiritual. I invite all of you to replace some of the normal junk movies with those, they are not only entertaining, but full of the Spirit, no matter how many times you have seen them.
The New Years was a lot like Christmas, tons of loud music, drunk people, and fireworks.
We saw many miracles at church. Carlos and his family went out of town, so they weren't able to attend, but we had 3 investigators there, all brought by members. It was cool to see the branch getting involved and excited.
I am loving the people we are working with here. Carlos, who as of 4 days ago was smoking 20-30 cigarettes per day for more than 8 years, is now on 4 cigarettes. Through the lesson on the Word of Wisdom, daily reading in the Book of Mormon and prayer, many prayers from our part, and a priesthood blessing, he is boldly leaving behind a grave addiction, and preparing for baptism.
I have been praying extra hard recently for charity, because for all those who know me, sometimes its hard for me to be patient with mean people, but I have been feeling the pure love of Christ starting to grow more inside me.
I love this work, the people, the church, the Book of Mormon, Preach My Gospel, my family and friends, and my Savior Jesus Christ. Keep us here in your prayers. Thanks for the love and support, have a great week! Don't forget about me, and don't hesitate to send me an email or 2, they are always great!

Elder Babcock

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