Monday, January 16, 2012

Baptism of Mirna and Liz, Burger King, and Cat Birth

Hello to all!
What a great week it was. I mean that in every sense of the word.
Saturday night, after tons of problems with baptismal clothing,
interviews, everything... Liz and Mirna were baptized. It was so
stressful, and of course if you anything about Elder Babcock, you know
he doesn't handle stress well. But lets just say many prayers were
answered, and it turned out great. Once again, they wanted me to do
the baptism, so I was able to perform the ordinance. It felt
incredible to be apart of completing a family, and see how happy they
all were. Its another Latter-day Saint family! We had a big turnout at
the baptism, and there were 42 people at church on Sunday, including 4
progressing investigators. I felt overwhelmed with the blessings that
the Lord poured upon our branch this last week, but I am thankful and
working hard to keep seeing that success. We are still working with
Carlos, who is down to 1-2 cigarettes, and once he overcomes that, he
will be baptized!
My companion, Elder Wheatley, reminds me so much of my really good
friend Jared Schmidt. I was planning on writing about that, when I get
a letter from my mom, saying that Jared Schmidt and Elder Wheatley are
related...It obviously surprised me, but then again, it didn't, because
they are so much alike. Its great to be with such a great teachable
companion that works hard and has a great attitude!
So my family was talking about how they stopped eating fast food and
drinking soda for awhile. We got the message on Wednesday that the
Burger King got finished here in our small city, and lets just say I
haven't be taking apart in the fast food "fast" like my family, but
more "feasting" on it haha. Its been a long time since I have had some
greasy burgers, and I love it.
Also yesterday, I was reading my scriptures, trying to be focused and
all, when our back door swung open (it doesn't stay shut when its not
locked and the wind blows, and I see our neighbors huge pregnant cat
giving birth on the porch! What are the odds of that happening...It
was the first, and hopefully the last, time that has to happen to me.
A guy yesterday told us that "thank you" is "gracias" in English and
also in Japanese...I told him it was just English, but he was pretty
set on his ways that "thank you" is actually Japanese haha.
It was an incredible week working with members, I have been loving
working with them and helping the branch grow. Its cool to see that if
member missionary work is moving, so will the baptisms and the success
stories in the branch.
Thanks for all the support from home, keep us all here in Paraguay in
your prayers. I will send baptismal pictures next week!
Until next week,
Elder Babcock

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