Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cambios Especiales -and for those who do not habla español "EL NINO" means (the niño) -Chris Farley

The news of the week is that the President called us on Tuesday of this week (exchanges really should have been today) and told us we were going to have some special changes, so we had to cancel and reassign a lot of the plans that we had for Tuesday cause Wednesday in the morning my companion Elder Heredia left for Matamoros.:) And my companion that came? His name is Elder Muñoz and weighs about 230, my height... but is soft as a teddy bear. In fact... like I was mentioning before he is actually engaged with his girlfriend ha-ha and can’t stop thinking about her. Ha-ha I think it’s funny but I’m trying to get his mind off it working super hard so that he’s real tired at night. He’s from Georgia and was waiting for his Visa in Idaho. So we had special transfers and it looks like I’m going to be here another 3 months to train him... I think they´re taking me as a candidate for Bishop for being here 6 months so I’m excited as ever... and even though he’s "a bit different” he’s really moldable and that’s what I like about him. He’s open to suggestions and likes to enjoy his time. President made us some great promises and I have faith that if we do our part the Lord is going to help us have success. I’m so happy to be a missionary and a quote that hit me this week is "the greatest gift we can give to the Lord... is our agency" It’s true because if we make good choices, we are helping the Lord in his purpose, we're helping others to come unto Christ, and although they will be repenting and utilizing the atonement... The Lord is willing and happy to have suffered for the truly repentant.

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