Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Discuple (Excuse me)

Sorry it's been a while since I've updated this blog. We had a great conversation with Shaun on Christmas - He is doing very well. He even serenaded his brother, Brandon and his girlfriend who were close to engagement (officially engaged on New Year's Eve). We had a great visit overall and he is enjoying his time in Mexico. Here is his most recent email:

Hey I’m going to have to say a big sorry, and a big thanks. Today has been crazy, we wanted to hike to the waterfalls in our area so that my companion could see them, and ended up climbing the whole mountain... with no regrets, cause it was a once in a mission opportunity, like the scriptures say "He fell for the loss of blood". I got really tired, and I was wearing shorts so my legs look like someone cheese grated them. I learned a big lesson... Don’t trust on trees for support, sometimes they have thorns... and when you’re the first one climbing... watch out for the thorny plants that wrap around your ankles. Moral of the story, be happy :) anyway it was a great adventure I’ll try to get the pictures off next week, the truth is I have to be in our district meeting in fifteen minutes... I’m so happy and exited and stoked to be a missionary. Keep it real... And tell Brandon he told me anything I wanted he would do it... so I’ve decided what their marriage song will be Bonnie Tyler’s, “Total Eclipse of the Heart." ...Brandon said anything and I’m not sure there’s a better song for a reception. And the song I sang was “Your Still the One I Love”. Hey and I’ve thought about it... I’ll go to BYU for the first semester of January, to be with Tanner, and then change to Utah after. But do whatever you want... I’ll be feliz. I didn’t get to read your letter I’m going to print them out to be able to read them... when are they going to get married? Maybe you answered that in your email. Bye love you!

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