Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Elder Schmidt in his first area in Brazil

Yesterday I got my first baptism. Caique Da Silva is I think how you spell his name and he said he added me on face book so if yall want you can get on my facebook and add him/ see who I'm talking about. He is a super cool kid and is the one I told you about that went to church all by himself after one lesson. We are hoping to be able to teach the rest of his family now. He already helps us teach his friends and will bear his testimony to people. He prays about everything and has said that he has had several answers already. I will send you my sd card from my camera soon, its just about full. Also I'm going to be working on a letter to those I didn't talk to on the phone and the grandparents this week. I'm not sure how long it will take to get to yall but hope you like them. Anyways, life is good. It's going really fast and I'm learning everyday. Almost every night I dream that I'm already home and wake up so confused. Love yall, bye.

***During Jared's Christmas phone call we asked Jared where his first area was and he said he had no idea. Sao Paulo is a huge sprawling city but we hope he figures out some coordinates or directions soon. It was great to talk to him and made us chuckle when he was so surprised that after close to an hour we were ready to hang up, I guess as Elder Merkley said, the phone calls never last long enough.

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