Friday, October 21, 2011

3 Kingdoms Activity!

Hello to all!
Another week has come and gone, does time just fly! We had a unique week, I really learned a lot and feel my testimony grow and grow daily. Last week I received a call out of nowhere, and Christian from Bella Vista called me! He was so excited to hear from me, and he shared with me all about his mission plans, how he weekly attends church, stake choir, mission prep, institute, leaves with the missionaries there, and even is doing his Duty To God with another recent convert planning to serve a mission. He has matured so much, and is so excited for a year to pass so that he can go to the temple and get out on the mission. It made me reflect back on the impact of one moment, one opportunity to enter into a house, one chance to open your mouth and preach the good news of the gospel. Every second matters, and I feel eternally grateful for being guided to his house and helping him start his spiritual journey towards eternal life. I love the mission!
The weather here has been really rainy. Wednesday and Thursday we made some pretty brave runs through rain storms that were so heavy that it was honestly as if I had been standing in the shower for 10 minutes. Its been fun battling the weather, I am holding strong on the standard missionary believe that every rain storm walked through makes my future wife even better looking, and if that's true, she had a great week this week haha.
We had an awesome activity in the branch this week that the missionaries planned out. We acted out a scene where we entered into a plane ride going towards the moon, when the plane crashes and we all die. After that, we passed into another room into the Telestial Kingdom, where there weren't any lights, only a really sour cup of lemon juice. Someone tried it and said it was nasty, and the whole room wasn't too comfortable. We shared a scripture about it, then they passed into another room, the Terrestrial Kingdom, where there was light, and a glass of good juice. We read another scripture, then after that, we all sat in one room where we said, Thanks for coming to the activity today, we would like to end with a prayer. We said the prayer, then after the prayer, we said, Oh wait, we forgot one more kingdom...the Celestial Kingdom, where we slid the curtain into a room all decorated in white, with white balloons, a white table with tons of delicious fruit, with calm music, and we read about the Celestial Kingdom. It was incredible, we had 3 investigators there, including a couple we are teaching, who absolutely loved it. It was cool to show the contrasts of the kingdoms, and helped me remember my eternal goal, which is eternal life.
We are teaching this great couple, Pablo and Midium, who have been to church two weeks in a row and are progressing towards baptism. We have a baptism planned this week for Alex, on Saturday. I am enjoying this area, companion, branch, district so much, I can feel the power of your prayers daily. Keep me and my companion in them. Love you guys!
Until next week,
Elder Babcock

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