Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mission Life is what it is...

This week was super normal. I feel like I start every email with that line. But this week it’s true again. Back to work with the comp, changes next week and we’ll see what goes down, and I haven’t spoke with Hermana Juana cause she’s going to ask permission from the Pres. to have an hour to talk.

This week we were super exited for some of our new investigators that we had found last week. We did the mission plan for investigators and how to have success. We find the person on Tuesday, on Wednesday pass for five minutes with members, Thursday we have a lesson in the house of the members, Friday the members pass and read the scriptures with them, and Saturday we have an appointment with them and with the members again on the importance of the Sabbath day. Well super stoked for everything, felt like they had a great hold on everything and testimonies and everything… we heard there is a seventy percent chance they will attend if we do the plan, well someone else I guess did the same plan and it worked cause the members passed by their home Sunday morning and Claudia and her sons had received company… :(

The work goes on and we’ll see what this week has to bring us. I’m stoked for your calling dad that should be sick to work with the young men and play with the nuggets to help 'em get on a mission. Its super great. You can do whatever you’d like with my experience, just don’t cry. Ha-ha Trek will be fun and a lot of work. And it’s funny you mention Brent Dial and all them cause I was talking with Elder Rodriguez, our house mate and district leader, who has a pretty similar personality, he’s awesome, about camping experiences and the, excuse my language, old folks that are sneakily super funny, with clean jokes… like Marcus Miller and Brent Dial, hope they don’t get offended that I call them old.

Mom you sent a “chor” ton of questions. I will take some time to answer a few. Thanks for sending the package, and pants, my black pants are burnt grey, and my gray pants white, no just kiddin. But really thanks, I’m exited. I was sick with like the flu. My whole body hurt, I had a monster of a headache, and I only threw up once. You know how you’ve taught me, take an ibuprofen and get to work. Well it turns out I worked myself a little too hard, and called our mom and she told me paracetamol (stop) and take a break. So I did and I’m doing completely fine. The time before when I talked to you on the phone I wasn’t that sick, just I couldn’t talk. I’m eating well, haven’t gained much weight, 154 ish, and doing well now. Zone conferences are in the stake center, and they last from 9 in the morning till 3 ish, and we have activities of obedience, the zone leaders talked and it was super boring, and I feel like I’m in Sunday school again. Sometimes I feel like I’m not learning anything, I’m genuinely putting attention, but when zone leaders say phrases like “if we don’t talk to people, were not going to find new investigators, seems a little obvious.” I wish there was a little more excitement in the mission field, I’ve always said it’s the plan of happiness. We have a short break with refreshment and listen to talks by President Walker and Hermana Walker. It was great to hear them speak and he talked about discouragement and how we can know if we’re doing our part. If we’re feeling the spirit. We have the goal of baptize every week, but without a baptism in such a long time, I’ve really gotten not down, but disappointed. It was great to hear the answer to my prayers. Mission life is what it is.

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