Monday, October 10, 2011

Conference, Yea!

This last week has been absolutely normal. I couldn’t tell you a difference than any other week in the mission, except general conference. I’m so grateful for the living prophet, his apostles and everyone that spoke in conference; it really filled me up and gave me more drive as a missionary. I know the prophet leads and guides us in these latter days. I felt a feeling, that I’ve only felt in a few other occasions in my life, the feeling of saying goodbye for a long period of time… the prophet was closing conference after some great talks, and I felt really sad, like I was saying bye to my parents for two years at the mtc, except that it was saying goodbye to the prophet and general conference for six months ha-ha. I can't explain it, but that’s just the way it is. With nothing more to say, I was reminded in conference of a great opportunity that I was able to have before my mission, that I feel the rug rats of the ward could use.

The only other occasion before my mission that I really felt like a missionary, or in equal situations, was when we had the opportunity to give the sacrament to the sick and afflicted after church. For many it was a duty, and it is, but a grudging duty. And somehow I got to like it, a lot. You enter the house of someone you really don’t know too well, even though you should, and talk with them for a short time about their problems or lives, say a prayer and leave an ordinance they couldn’t have done alone, a blessing, in their house. What a great experience it was to serve the people of the ward, especially the old people, and to be a small blessing in their lives, I’m loving service, especially with old people ha-ha J and the opportunities we’ve been having on the mission. Love you and thank you dad.

E. Rhodes

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