Sunday, August 21, 2011

Well, I had another good one....

Monday, August 15, 2011
Hello to all!
Well, I had another good one, they seem to always get better and better, and for a reason! my trainer Elder Olson completed his two years, and went home this last week. I was able to talk to him for a little while and say goodbye, he gave me a ton of great advice. I love him so much, he has been such a great example for me, and I have been truly blessed to have a great trainer, example, and friend. All you ladies out there, look him up! haha but seriously, after President Monson's talk he gave in Priesthood session, you will realize the importance of getting married quickly after the mission, so help him out.
I had another funny experience, I think this area is just full of them. We were walking down the street and I noticed this guy standing by his hammock, so we started walking there to try and clap his house and contact him... he quickly went and laid down in his hammock and closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. We knew that he was of course awake so we kept clapping trying to get him to talk to us, but he kept his character and kept "sleeping". It is funny to see how fearful people are of two 19-20 year old American nerdy boys.
Unfortunately I don't have too much time this week, but I wanted to share an experience so that you guys can learn from it as well, and try not to make the same mistake. We took an investigator to church, who is progressing well, and is planning on getting baptized the 26 of Aug. She is different, and has a pretty strong personality, but is great and has already gained a testimony of the church and its
doctrine. However, during Sunday school class, the teacher also has a strong personality and started the class off with a question, and then the class discussed the question. As the teacher started to move on to a new topic, our investigator asks the teacher "So what was the answer to the question?" Then the teacher says "I already gave it, you didn't listen!" (in a really degrading tone). So after church our investigator was a little bugged about that, and seemed a little down...
The reason I share this with you is so that you guys don't make the same mistake. If there are people in your ward working on gaining, or regaining a testimony of this church, do all that you can to help them and make them feel included and loved at church. It was really frustrating, because she now feels a little different about the members, and that they are "just like the rest of the world." Today I got a letter from ....Bush, and he included a quote that I wanted to share from his letter.
"Last week at the MTC, Elder Merrill J. Bateman, emeritus General Authority, spoke and referred to Latter-day Saints being the Lord’s chosen people—chosen to do His work, teach His gospel, and minister to His children all over the world. And also chosen/blessed to have the gospel and all its blessings available to us in accordance with our faithfulness" As members of the Lords church, we are His chosen people. Let us live up to our potentials, and strive to be better members, day by day. Be good examples for those who are struggling with their testimonies! I am loving the mission more and more as the time flies by (almost 9 months now!). Keep me and my companion in your prayers. P.S. we have changes this week, I think my comp and I will stay together, but I will let you know next week!
Elder Babcock

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