Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cambios for Shaun - Hello Guadalupe

Ya so this week has been pretty crazy. First of all, I forgot to study my "what words to memorize if you go to a fish restaurant" in the morning, so I had a very interesting experience. I just told my companion ill have whatever you have. It was called "Vuelve a la Vida." The first time I’ve ever eaten a cocktail, but it wasn’t normal, camarrones (shrimp), ostion (clam)... I think. At first I thought they were eyeballs or fish snot, but it turns out they are not that bad. As long as you don’t look at them for too long, or leave them in your mouth too long, they don’t taste bad, I wouldn’t say they taste good, but hey it was a 1st. Another first this week was Cambios! I’m headed after 6 months in the same area to estaka los Angeles in Guadalupe Monterrey. I’m super stoked to have some mountains, in fact I’m the closest you can be to the well known "saddle mountain." I will be opening an area with my companion Elder Calva, if I’m not wrong he’s from d.f and he’s super positive. I’ve been on splits with him for two days. I know it’s going to be a little hard to have everything change... members companions... new area... walking... and starting things from new. Its also hard to leave behind what you’ve made, relationships con members, investigators, and converts, but as my companion always says and its stuck with me "por algo pasan las cosas" I’m super stoked and hope to have some success. I’ll let you know more about it next week. This week was filled with painting roof tiles with the relief society, family home evenings, and our district got permission to watch toy story 3. After we were comparing everything spiritually and with missionary work, which I thought was cheesy, but hey it was a killer movie. My favorite thing that happened this week was during a family home evening, An investigator was saying their first prayer and starts "Dear heavenly father... we thank thee for... (short pause while she was thinking) and Carlitos, six years old, son of Carlos recent convert Whispered to the investigator who is like 30 yrs old "For this day" hahaha we couldn’t help but laugh a lil. Anyway have fun and enjoy everything. -- Elder Shaun Rhodes

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